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From public parks such as De Land’s Blue Springand Chiefland’s Manatee Springs to privatefacilities like Williston’s Blue Grotto and Ocala’s Forty Fathom Grotto, these confined-water locations are havens for instructors from all over Florida and many sur-rounding states. Of these, more than 50 lie within Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. But it’s the shark’s mellow attitude and tolerance for bubble-blowing divers that makes it a crowd favorite, as well as an amazing photo subject. Like an English muffin, this environment is all nooks and crannies, home to a host of eels, shrimp and juvenile fish. Equally exciting is an event that plays out on a smaller scale here: About a week after the first full moon in August, coral polyps do their magical spawning thing, drawing thousands of hungry mouths to feast on the bounty and lighting up the underwater world like the aurora borealis. Thanks to a state law that guarantees shoreline access, there are still dives to discover — if you can get the locals to give up the goods. Colorful characters, including a rainbow of nudibranchs and the region’s signature neon-orange garibaldi, add interest to any shot. And third, a small population-to-surface-area ratio equals low development density — in many places none — which minimizes the chance for runoff to spoil the party. Aside from inducing vertigo, it’s also habitat to giant Pacific octopuses, skates and lingcod. The marine life here is as rich as any coral reef’s, and just knowing that orcas are around adds to the rush. On Oahu, the big city spills into an ocean rich with wrecks.

In the winter months, manatees migrating to warmer water create an added attraction at many locations (although encounters are snorkel-only). Due mainly to the depth and stunted visibility, this playground is made for advanced divers. The cargo, deck-cabin windows, interior staircases and crew lifeboat are also still preserved. Artificial reefs such as the Aeolus, USCG cutter Spar, Papoose, Atlas and Caribsea are well-known hangouts for raggies. And the thick, towering kelp forests are tailor-made for atmospheric, wide-angle seascapes and abstract macro artistry. Add these factors together to achieve visibility that can stretch as far as the eye can see. On the other side of Point Defiance lies Day Island Wall — arguably Puget Sound’s most notable dive, and a huge factorin earning this area the 3 third-place awardfor domestic wall diving. If you get to just one spot, make it Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, where spotting Steller sea lions, whimsically patterned nudibranchs, and wolf eels are all in a day’s dive. Kauai is the quiet, verdant gem, where turtles nap by the dozens in caverns.

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When I asked a male friend of mine if they thought Craigslist deserved top ranking on my list of places to find a sexual encounter online, they loudly said, "Are you kidding?! Yea, it works." Almost everyone I've spoken to who has used CL to hookup has had success; those that failed to find what they sought were either rude, exceptionally picky, or ignored my tips below.: Focus on replying to ads rather than posting them, make sure you have a fantastic, recent and clear picture of your face (keep the junk pictures to yourself for now), and share this picture along with a personalized first reply - most gals can spot a copied and pasted response a mile away.

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With in-person mixers, a time-proven matching algorithm, and a 6 month guarantee, Match is a premier option to meet other mature singles.Because some divers feed them, they tend to approach visitors out of curiosity. But the Middle Keys of Marathon and Islamorada offer the Thunderbolt (188 feet) and the Adolphus Busch Sr. Put away that credit card because Matchopolis is not only completely free, there are no membership "upgrades" required to get the most out of the site. Unlike other so called "free" sites you can be guaranteed that at no stage will you be asked to pay for any of our services.You get access to thousands of profiles of your choice without registration and just in case you want contact somebody, just sign up in 3 easy steps free of charge. We have compiled a detailed questionnaire which incorporates your search criteria and your personal characteristics (these are not obligatory but offer additional match criteria for members).Oh, and if you're outside of what the ad wants?Skip it.: Focus on posting an ad instead of replying to them, and know that there's a good chance it'll get flagged within 24 hours. There are a great number of folks on CL who are bitter, angry and/or frustrated with their lack of hooking up, and they'll automatically assume anyone who seems 'normal' is a prostitute.For a truly memorable rookie adventure, the Rainbow River is a shallow, lazy drift dive with amazing visuals. One of the most prized in Shipwreck Alley, Cornelia B. Defiance, another wooden schooner in 185 feet of water, has similarly sailed through time as if untouched. And because the Crystal Coast and other Outer Banks territories are bathed by the fertile waters of the Gulf Stream, the sand tigers enjoy a steady supply of prey that encourages them to linger around the region’s world-class wrecks without a need for operators to resort to chumming or other artificial-feeding methods to encourage encounters. The superior conditions make any dive here memorable, from exploring lava formations for rare endemic tropicals to blue-water adventures with big pelagic animals in the 6,100-foot-deep ‘Alenuihaha Channel. The sitelies close to shore, but the swim can bedangerous if attempted during a ripping tide. Key West, Florida Florida’s wealth of artificial reefs — and the destination’s iron grip on the Best Wreck Diving category year after year — is the legacy of entrepreneurs who decided if you sink it, they will come. Kelp forests doing their eerily waving underwater dance and wrecks that materialize like ghost ships fromthe green water add to the adrenalin. And they all boast the rich aloha tradition that makes them a perennial favorite with Scuba Diving readers. Puget Sound, Washington A series of three banks rising in the Gulf of Mexico between 70 and 115 miles off Texas and Louisiana, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary beckons live-aboard divers for challenging dives on the northernmost portionof America’s coral-reef systems. South Florida (Miami, Broward and Dade Counties) For thousands of years, Maui’s Haleakala volcano poured lava, creating an underwater garden of arches, pinnacles and caverns. Big Island, Hawaii For image-hunting divers, Southern California’s Channel Islands seem purpose-built by Mother Nature. Big animals are common, including humpbacks, monk seals, mantas, dolphins and sharks.That aside, the tidal flow tends toward reliable: Let it carry you alongthe wall and back to your starting point. Along the United States’ southernmost archipelago, a wonderland for metal-heads awaits, with dozens of purpose-sunk behemoths — some measuring well beyond 500 feet — ripe for exploring. On the Sunshine Coast, on the mainland south of Vancouver, it’s all about vertical walls, sponge- encrusted pinnacles and high-speed drift dives through emerald-green water. The reward of a well-timed dive here is a massive incline where wolf eels have taken over. Key Largo boasts the Spiegel Grove (510 feet) — a former world’s largest — the Duane (327 feet) and the Eagle (269 feet), placing it in the top spot.

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