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The Victorian distress (which has continued until today) with exposed body parts and breast-feeding wasn’t an issue at that period.

Many men suckled at their wife’s breasts during pregnancy to induce a healthy flow of milk for their expected son.

Dolly Smith RN, MS, IBCLC – home visit lactation consultations are on hold for now.

Please contact Sound Beginnings or visit After the Stork Seattle.

It is interesting to note that goat’s milk is the more similar to human milk than any other milk among the animal world.

Breastfeeding your husband, boyfriend, or partner is OK.

If the father was poor and could not find or afford a lactating woman to serve as a wet nurse for the baby, goat’s milk was usually substituted in societies that raised sheep.

We see images of them plastered across shop windows and magazine covers, flashing across television screens.Sound Beginnings is the former private practice of Joy Mac Tavish, IBCLC, RLC, which was expanded to better serve more families with compassionate and efficient care.Please call 206-973-0337 or visit Sound Beginnings.You may also get recommendations from your childbirth educator, your pregnancy and birth health care provider, your pediatric health care provider or from the community center or medical center where you gave birth.Sound Beginnings – in-home lactation consultations, phone consultations, group and private classes covering lactation, babywearing and more.Nurturing Expressions – Store and lactation support.Throughout human history there have been infants both young and old who have been nursed by wet nurses or surrogate mothers.If you get stuck on a crowded subway, you’re likely to bump into a few pairs. You can make them bigger and you can make them smaller.Breasts are everywhere, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. But as versatile as breasts are, one simple truth remains: the more time goes by, the more eroticized the breast becomes.Feminist writer Elizabeth Gould Davis argues it wasn’t always this way.She insists that the ancient women of Çatalhöyük decorated shrine walls with images of disembodied breasts, allowing them to exist all on their own and revering them as “instruments of motherhood.” It wasn’t until what she terms the “patriarchal revolution” took place that the breast was assigned a sexual significance. In Desmond Morris explains that in apes, the female’s round, padded buttock operates as a sex-signaling device, letting the male know when to approach.

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