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In 1915 the company opened their own marble factory in Clarksburg, West Virginia, but companys office and owners remained in Akron.

It was Akrons last marble company, closing its doors in 1951.: proper name.

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After his father retired in 1899, the company was moved to a newly built factory in Kronach. Ernst Alboth himself had two children: son Willy (who later joined his father in the company) and daughter Erna.

Eran married the a Munich banker Georg Kaiser, in 1922 and he soon joined Ernst Alboth as manager of the business.

Anything of significance is duly noted in our descriptions and photographed if possible.By 1961 the company was run only by Willy Alboth and Hubertus Kaiser, they had relocated in to Staffelstein.In the late 1960's the company focused their business on exporting their wares and once again changed the company name, "Kaiser-Porzellan." To commemorate the United States 200th birthday Kaiser-Porzellan created a limited edition run of 200 bald eagle figurines, they presented then President Reagan with the #1 marked figurine.When ground into spheres the marble appears to have a bulls-eye design at one pole.Primarily used as shooter marbles, ranging in size from 11/16 to 7/8; these were among the most coveted of all toy marbles.Grandmother meant a great deal to the couple and passed along many of their things to her, including this vase.Estimated age of the vase is who had a porcelain and decorating studio in Fischern, Bohemia (now Rybare Czechia). Found on examples of hand painted and hand decorated porcelains that are signed by artists who are most likely American China Painters. A type of fibrous quarts called chalcedony; used to make marbles highly desired by players, as in bulls-eye agate. A name adopted by early American marble manufacturers to describe any and all classes, types and styles of marbles, including; ceramic, as in the trademarked Dykes American Agates, registered to Samuel C.Dyke; also, glass toy marbles as in Akro Agates registered to The Akro Agate Company. A name for a marble, a specific type of marble made from agate, a naturally occurring stone called chalcedony, a type of quartz, with bands of different colors layered through the body of the stone.Historically produced in the Iber-Oberstein area of Germany, the oldest of these highly collectable marbles have a diagnostic mark consisting of tiny facets covering the sphere, representing spots where the marble touched the grinding stone, showing it is a hand-made marble.Those produced in later years might also be dyed to enhance the color and with the invention of modern lapidary equipment the marbles are free of facets.

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