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After a long, hard winter, Spring brings forth new life. We are God’s vessels, willing to go and do that which He’s called us to.

For moderate to severe intellectual disability male to female ratios of 1.33:1 (Mc Carthy et al. While numerous theories have been forwarded to explain the causal mechanisms of this predominantly high male–female ratio in ASD, the topic remains widely debated in the current literature.As experienced Olathe criminal defense lawyers, the legal team at Martin & Wallentine have helped defend numerous clients accused of these sex crimes.If you have been accused of internet solicitation or electronic solicitation, contact our law firm now to speak with an experienced sex crimes defense attorney. Internet solicitation became common as commodities such as email, AIM, chat rooms and text messaging became available.Studies examining gender differences in typically developing infants and toddlers show sex-specific patterns in behavior and development.Differences include higher activity level in males, while social orienting, reciprocity, eye-contact and language development tend to represent areas of strength for females (Bouchard et al. One study found that infants as young as 1-day of age showed sex-specific looking preferences, with males preferring mechanical objects while females showed a greater degree of interest in faces (Connellan et al. These findings are consistent with several studies suggesting that females in the general population outperform males in a variety of skills typically perceived as being deficits within ASD, e.g. Sex differences in autism-related symptoms among children with ASD is an emerging but under-researched area.) suggested ASD could be considered an extreme expression of normal male, compared to female, phenotypic profiles.In this paper, sex-specific M-CHAT scores from N = 53,728 18-month-old toddlers, including n = 185 (32 females) with ASD, were examined.As Olathe sex crime attorneys, we have seen many cases where the alleged victim wasn't even a child or a real victim.Rather, it was a law enforcement officer posing as a teenage girl on the internet, enticing our clients.Back to Top[divider] The AIM Rescue Team has been in existence for a full year already!We’re praising God for His provision and ability to not only rescue these girls and women, but to bring them healing and restoration in conjunction with our other programs. Their mission is to address human trafficking and sexual violence in Cambodia by working with police to collect evidence, investigate crimes, arrest perpetrators and rescue victims from situations of violence and exploitation.

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