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But if one date does not work out, Gonzaga advised to simply stay within the guy’s radar.

But as fans on Twitter pointed out this weekend, it seems like the actors who play Justin and Alex might actually be dating IRL.

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over the weekend, you know that Justin Foley is dating Jessica Davis, whose ex-boyfriend is Alex Standal.

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With a bestselling book under her belt, celebrity Alex Gonzaga dished out a couple of guidelines on dating when she visited ANC's Headstart on Friday.

First, she said to truly know someone, dating should last from three to four months.

She cautioned, people tend to put their "best foot forward" during the first couple of months and it takes that long for the real personality to be obvious. “Kung sino ka talaga and kung saan ka comfortable, ‘yun ‘yung gawin mo, but always stay classy,” she said.

She defined classy as the outfits that are not meant to be worn on the beach.

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