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Among the city’s nighteries is Casa Diablo, the “world’s first vegan gentleman’s club.” Here, customers can enjoy a hummus veggie wrap while watching performers shed their non-animal-based g-strings.In a fashion only befit for Portland, change is given solely in bills.As resolute number crunchers, we’re always up for tackling life’s most important questions.On Wednesday, Priceonomics shared an explainer called "Why Does Portland Have So Many Strip Clubs?"You're not going to find any fur, feathers, wool, or silk, or any other animal products,” owner Johnny Diablo Zukle has said.“We're all about love and compassion.” Casa Diablo is but one of a cornucopia of strip clubs that proliferate Portland.

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Some, like TIME Magazine, have branded the claim as nothing more than an “old sexy wives tale;” others, like local blog Tits and Sass, have championed it as an irrefutable truth." First, it sent its data team on "a thrilling quest to determine whether or not Portland really deserves the title of 'strip club capital.'" The team drew some conclusions that you might have already guessed at: Yes, there is another town with more strip clubs (Houston), but, as they quickly point out, "Houston's population, at 2.2 million, is nearly four times that of Portland!" Of course, denizens of Portland already know and love our title of Strippiest City.We have every kind of stripping experience you could want here, from Stripparaoke to vegan strippers to strippers of smaller stature."Since [1859 when Oregon adopted its constitution], Oregon’s Supreme Court has vigorously defended this 'free expression' in all forms, resulting in something of a garden of eden for strip clubs," writes the website. Portland is given a lot of superlatives, all loosely based in fact. Domingo Martin spent three days in November and December at North Portland's César Chávez K-8 School cleaning the gym and collecting trash in the school's foul-smelling restrooms.Even more recent attempts by the conservative element to stop the proliferation of strip clubs through zoning laws have failed, because "a club cannot be denied access to a location solely by the nature of its sexual content."Look, we Oregonians have always been a people who take our freedom very seriously. Well, here's one that's based in Census data: Portland is second in the nation for the fastest rideshare growth. It was, News Stories About Lizzy Acker Lizzy Acker is Willamette Week's former web editor. She was born in Oregon, lived in San Francisco for almost eight years and then moved back to Oregon, just like everyone always knew she would.While Guam boasts beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear ocean waters at bathtub temperatures, it also features many American-style amenities.For examples, they had the world’s largest Mc Donalds, the world’s largest K-Mart, 7-11s, Baskin Robbins, Subway and adult nightclubs.But bi-monthly, it has -themed nights where girls dress up as storm troopers and other characters, and strip down past their Princess Leah-themed gold bikinis.5.It is a place where a human can, in the course of 24 hours, visit a museum of velvet paintings, join in on a World Naked Bike Ride, be by a unicycling bagpipe player, and get legally married at a doughnut shop.ABOUT THE CLUB / ABOUT GUAM Tucked in the Western Pacific Ocean lies nearly 2,000 small islands, the most populated and sophisticated of which is Guam.The island of Guam is actually a territory of the United States, making it our westernmost shore.

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