Backdating invoices


They must, however, be entered as the original invoice date, as entering them using a date within the current accounting period will treat them as sales or expenses of the current year and you will potentially pay tax, or obtain relief on them, twice.Once these entries have been made, you can press the "Finished Backdating" button.Sometimes certain claims (such as insurance claims) can be backdated if the could not be completed at an earlier date, although there must be good reason for neglecting to claim in advance.If your backdated claim is approved, you will be able to receive benefits from a certain date in the past.

Therefore, there is no way for me to update the invoice creation date that I can find. In your screenshot, you're showing the date the item was performed or sold as October  2013.Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.You'll be able to ask questions about accountancy, tax and audit or chat with the community and help others.Backdating is dating any document by a date earlier than the one on which the document was originally drawn up.Under most circumstances, backdating is seen as fraudulent and illegal, although there are some situations in which backdating can be used in a legal and beneficial way, such as backdating a claim for a past period.For example, if a seller had sold his house in December then the seller could have taken advantage of certain tax benefits.However, he only realizes this in January and so wishes to backdate the document to December.Alternatively, is there a way of legally trying to achieve the required objective?If the document is putting in place something which “should have been done” but hasn’t been, usually for tax or similar reasons, then the position is straightforward.If you have any clients owing you money, or suppliers you haven't yet paid from your previous accounting year, you will need to bring these into your Crunch account by entering any sales invoices and expenses still outstanding.These can then be settled in the normal process as and when they are paid.

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