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I hope some gay guy gives you better advise then mine ^^' (since they're experienced and all in this field and I'm not really) First of all, if he's not interested, I'd move on and wouldn't spend much time thinking about it, except maybe for those private masterbation times. I believe your born either gay or straight, it's not a choice. Don't do what tchmike stated about getting him drunk, that is as unethical as if a guy were to do that to a woman, and could probably be considered rape. thank you gabby for sticking to real dont force him or get him drunk its there or its not.. if he is around you alot and knows you are bi then maybe he will experiment..

Second, leave some porn, str8 that shows penis, bi orgies, and even man on man varieties and slyly notice what he checks out. If your friend is uncomfortable with any man-on-man contacts or even the suggestion of it, then he might disappear on you. The people tchbmike talks of must be mental or transsexuals. Unless he has been in denial and have been keeping secrets in the closet, if he is truly straight, you won't convert him.

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- He once asked me if I was gay a long time ago but I answered "no" as back then I wasn't too sure (I've now come to the conclusion that I am bi) - He also sometimes tells me how he thinks some male actors are really good looking or "hot".

- He once made a rumor up that one of our friends was bisexual ( childish I know) but maybe he did it to see how people reacted? He's done other things that have made me think that he's gay/no but those are the only things I remeber right now.

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That home was destroyed by fire on Sunday night at approximately p.m.

Or maybe could he have been just curious but now has grown out of the phase? Or let yourself go when you see that he's trying to do something like hugging or whatever. If a opposite sex friend wanted to touch your abs and said your hair is soft.

Tickling him also is a good way to be closer and let him take initiatives try to think about it a bit and you'll find dozens of ways, or just do the same thing he did to you haha There are signs he's interested, but maybe he's just flirty? I will say this: the *vast* majority of straight guys I know don't ask to see each others abs & tell each other how soft their hair is. If he's touching your abs and telling you your hair is soft.

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So I invited him over and showed it to him x D Just a small part, and it wasn't real, just anime(japanese cartoon/animation) And I just talked about it at school and when I was around him. his ego will be shot and I kno it sounds harsh but people kill... just a few months ago a gay guy was killed out here because he was a prostitute that dressed like a woman, a guy picked him up and discovered he was a man and blew his brains out.... Why hassle the str8 guys when there are lots of eager and willing gay men to play with and not need to risk screwing up a poor str8 guy's self image or sexual identity for your fun. I have a BI friend and i'm bi but i don't know how to break that barrier for him and I to get something to happen..

A year went by and now he's insecure, he doesn't know if he likes men ore not. I wouldn't bother all the efford of flirting and trying to make him bi. Besides, if you get the job done, he might fall in love with you for life, do you want to live with him forever? gross but true this is reality lets get real FINALLY!! Leave the str8 men to the girls and find a gay man over 18 to try it out. i just want to know do I just ask or is there some way of tricking him?

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For the past 2 years I've felt that my male friend has been giving me hints that he wants to be more than just friends... - Secondly he once tried to make me jealous that another one of our male friends was going to be sleeping at his house for the night.

He'd constantly touch my abs and want to see them and he'd also touch my hair a lot and tell me how soft it is.

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