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Because of this he never promises to be monogamous with his women and allows them the freedom to sleep with other men.

While allowing his women to sleep with other men is very controversial, I really admire his objective, rational philosophy and how he has structured his life around maximum freedom and long term happiness. Hey, sometimes it's the other guys girl, you're just borrowing her.

He started out as a poster on the old Fast Seduction forums, being a proponent of polyamory and specialising in Online Dating.

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“They may have (decades) ahead and don’t want to be unhappy anymore.” This article and the Pew study it cites are part of a long running pattern in the media.

The 2008 American Community Survey (ACS) found that divorce rates for Americans over 50 had increased substantially compared with the same statistic from 1990.

Underneath an image of women deciding if they should let their men out of jail or abandon them, all three open with: Looking ahead to the next phase of life can seem pretty dreadful if you can’t stand the person who you’ll be spending it with. Therefore, the boring loyal dudes must go (emphasis mine): Statistically speaking we’re healthier and probably going to be living a lot longer — possibly 30 years longer — than average retirees once did.

The surge in late-in-life — or “gray” — divorce is one possibly unintended consequence of this so-called longevity bonus.

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Several years ago, a potent disease gripped the entire internet. It causes people on the internet to postulate extreme opinions on the far end of one side of the scale the other, with zero nuance, zero objectivity, and 100% irrational emotion.

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Probably his biggest stand-out trait is his attitude to non-monogamy.

He states that monogamy doesn't work and is counter-productive to long term happiness.

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