Block dating sites computer


Broadly speaking, the blocking can be done at the network level and at the PC level.Let us discuss the most viable options: Blocking at network level When used in the right sense, social networking can have a number of positive impacts.It helped usher in the era of VCRs, pay-per-view movies, and even the Internet itself.And now you can even access pornography through your smartphone or gaming system.So, if there are only a handful of sites you want your children to access, you can specify where they can go.

There are indeed several options to block these networking platforms based on the requirements.

Maybe even to restrict home network access to registered MAC addresses.

But this is only general security, and blocking porn sites is still another issue.

Safe Eyes has 35 website filtering categories that you can filter, and it's much more than just pornography.

Safe Eyes can block websites dealing with weapons, violence, gambling, gangs, drugs, even dating.

Aside from Net Nanny or Cyber Sitter, I also can use something like Open DNS, a business website and gateway system which allows the wireless router, itself (if the feature is provided), to use the ODNS IP as its gateway to the internet-- completely bypassing the regular ISP.

No parental control software program is better to block porn than Safe Eyes.

That's why Safe Eyes is actually used in rehabilitation courses for pornography addiction.

And with additional categories for sex, swimsuits, and lingerie, it can be as strict as you need it to be.

A number of companies would prefer to block social network sites, thereby preventing the employees from accessing them.

There are primarily two major reasons behind this preference- one is to evade potential risks and the other is to control the loss of productivity.

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