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Police officers were dispatched to location after all attempts to calm the “Breathe” singer down failed.

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Blu Cantrell is also known as rapper Jay Z’s ex-girlfriend.

Sources say the relationship with Jay Z happened long before he and Beyonce got together, though Blu Cantrell is rumored to have referenced Beyonce’s now husband in a song entitled“When I was your girl, and you were my man, I stood by your side, when no one was there – all the way to the end, If you’d ever need me.

American R B sensation BLU CANTRELL almost lost her sister to a horrific car crash three years ago (00).

The former porn model recently topped the UK charts with BREATHE, her collaboration with SEAN PAUL - but...

British R B sensation CRAIG DAVID has slammed the British media for concentrating on American artists in their coverage of the MUSIC OF BLACK ORIGIN (MOBO) Awards. Britain's MOBO AWARDS have been thrown into chaos after BUSTA RHYMES pulled out of the ceremony.

Jamaican singers Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths made theirs the most uplifting version of all by setting it to a skanking, uptempo rhythm and layering swooping strings over their vocal harmonies.

There’s a tremulous quality to Andy’s delivery that makes it sound as if he’s about to break down and weep at the magnitude of it all.

The singer, famed for her 2003 duet with Sean Paul “Breathe”, was taken into custody for psychological evaluation by officers in Santa Monica at around 2am on Wednesday 3 September.

According to , a witness called the police after they noted Cantrell’s erratic behaviour.

Its claim to greatness comes from the way Paul’s bouncy dancehall rap of justification – “Sean Paul give you the good loving, daily” – is set against Cantrell’s timeless, soaring vocal of aching betrayal: “When love hurts, it won’t work.” The unusually slow tempo and the big-band brass emanate the same haunting mix of modern and old-fashioned. "I’m the new Sinatra and since I made it here/I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere." Jay-Z takes inspiration from Sinatra's New York, New York for his own love letter to the Big Apple.

It's a personal tale of his city, from his roots in the 'hood to his plush pad in Tribeca.

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