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Purpose: To provide a resource for teaching wisdom to young people, primarily for the royal family and secondarily for all other families in Israel. (2) Proverbs is striking similar in structure and content to comparable wisdom literature from Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Levant that dates from before the time of Solomon. In sum, Wisdom Literature of the sort found in Proverbs was typically at home in the royal court. C., the popularity of binary parallelism began to wane in wisdom texts, both in Egyptian and in Aramaic literature.

The instructor is encouraged to adapt the plans accordingly, either to streamline and expand the introductory comments provided into a single lecture or to encourage class discussion in multiple sessions with the questions suggested.For example, Egyptian wisdom instruction exists in two types. No better candidate than Solomon fits this setting. King Solomon (see "Introduction: Author") began to reign in approximately 970 B. These similarities suggest a date for Proverbs during Israel's monarchy. Yet the case for accepting the Solomonic authorship of Proverbs 1-24 is strong in at least five ways: (1) In addition to the claims of the book, the Scriptures testify that Solomon wrote many proverbs (1 Kings -34). (3) It is reasonable to assume that the literature of various nations was known in Israel during the time of Solomon's extensive international trade. We may assume that foreign literary works also reached Israel for similar reasons. Some interpreters, however, have argued that the sections attributed to Solomon were actually written by others under his name. The greatest similarities in form and content exist between Proverbs - and the Egyptian "Wisdom of Amenemope," which is roughly contemporary with the time of Solomon. C.) contain cuneiform literary texts from Babylon that scribes used when preparing for foreign diplomatic service.His strength didn't lie in his military gifts but in the field of reflection, meditation, the conception of great projects, negotiation and organization.Solomon's reputation for wisdom wasn't born from the incidents in which he acted as judge, such as when he presented us with the anecdote of the two women who disputed over the baby (I Ki.Unless otherwise indicated, all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. All Scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. It may be appropriate to divide the material into two sessions: (1) an introduction to Proverbs and wisdom literature and in-depth discussion of Proverbs 1–9, and (2) consideration of the proverbial collections in Proverbs 10–31 and a discussion of wisdom in the modern sphere.The woman of substance poem in Proverbs 31 could fit into either session.

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