Breedlove serial number dating

Please note that some of the topics previously covered here are now answered within the Breedlove Owner's Manual. If you live in a dry environment, a simple room humidifier will work to keep your instruments hydrated at their proper levels.

Download here General Guitar Care and Maintenance: What is the proper method for humidifying my guitar? Combine the humidifier with a hygrometer to accurately read the humidity level in the room.

96-040.) 2006: 8491*- 2005: 7500-8490* 2004: 6445-7499* 2003: 5161-6444* 2002: 4071-5160* 2001: 3218-4070* 2000: 2631-3217* 1999: 2000-2630* *Breedlove assigns serial numbers to instruments at the start of production.

Because different types of instruments take different amounts of time to complete, they do not usually emerge from the production process in order of serial number.

So you start dabbling in lots of other things to increase sales & start to loose your identity.

Resale is tough on a lot of guitars, but breedloves seem to take a particularly bad beating for their original body shapes.

Breedlove switched to this numbering system 209 instruments into 1999, starting with #2000.

Prior to that, a five-digit system was utilized, with the first two digits denoting the year of manufacture, and the second three digits assigned sequentially by instrument completion date (e.g.

For instance, there may be a custom Master Class guitar with serial number 6441 that was completed in early January, while a stock Quartz mandolin with serial number 6447 might have been completed in December.I was more of a fan of the revivals and classic body shapes.But maybe that was a mistake and they should have stayed true to the originals, even if that meant staying smaller.So it's kinda hard for people to keep spending the big dollars on the high end custom stuff.Some of the breedloves can be a really good value for the money. I saw this but did not read carefully enough, thinking it applied only to guitars. I was just wondering about Breedlove's serial number system and how to date it. Thank you for the responses, especially the reference to the article on Breedlove's Web site.Hope you guys or someone can answer these for me as well.At one time Breedlove had a section on the website about dating your instrument, but it appears as if they have changed the website and no longer have this info. Would you please explain your pre-2014 model numbers? Maintaining the appropriate humidity level will help to prevent cracks, stabilize tuning, and increase the playability of your instrument. Pre-2014 Instrument Questions: Where are the Pro and Roots Series Made? Temperature and humidity are critical factors in the life and playability of your acoustic guitar.

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