C textbox not updating

You can refer to the samples cited in this topic for more information.

In addition, you can look at Implement Property Change Notification.

So, try the following before calling the Save method: Currency Manager cm = (Currency Manager)this.

Binding Context[my Data Source, " I have a fairly simple form with databound text boxes, but changes (or new records) are not recognized.

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Well, the app works great (every recording file works perfectly etc) but textboxes don't want to refresh...I have a fairly simple form with databound text boxes, but changes (or new records) are not recognized.The text boxes are successfully populated with data (from the database) and I can cycle through all the records. I've based this on the first sample project from the book "C# Professional Projects" (Premier Press). Text property has a default Update Source Trigger value of Lost Focus.This means if an application has a Text Box with a data-bound Text Box.I've read many posts concerning this (and the MS KB as well), and most seem to say that databound text boxes must use a Data Row object (in addition to connection, data adapter, and dataset objects), and therefore not as simple as a datagrid.Based on what I've read, I'm inclined to believe that the book is wrong.If the messages are not processed no painting will be perfomed.The easiest fix would be to put inside the loop after seting the Text property the following line of code: Appliation.The problem is that it doesn't refresh, showing only the first values...A professor told me to use delegates and threads...

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