Cacti poller not updating rrd files

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We did the work for you and now provide a completely patched release of Cacti with Plugin Architecture version 3.1.

View the bug fixes and enhancements at this forum post The patch can be downloaded at Windows binary has also been uploaded.

All, I dont remember if somebody has complained about this before but ... Besides that cacti stops update all already existing RRD files for the _same_ device. Igor Hi, Unfortunately I have nothing to post here ... Igor Hi, I have the same issue, my install of Cacti has been working quite well for over a year including regular upgrades.

I have cactid which is pooling data for these graphs and receiving expected values but for wahtever reason Cacti does not create RRD files for these stats ...

Remote data collectors (Pollers) Network discovery and automation Device management automation Enhanced user, group and domain management User interface enhancements Additional RRDtool graph option support Merged almost 20 plugins into core

For some snapshots of earlier web pages see the Internet Archive Wayback site.Users will only see tabs for the graph viewing modes that they have access to.doc: Completely re-written manual in SGML/Docbook so HTML, PDF, and ASCII versions of the manual are now possible.This will only work if you have php-snmp support compiled into both your php binary and web server modules. Ability to "sync" changes with the file with rrdtool's TUNE function.Cacti also tries to fill in internal data source path and name information to keep graphs from "breaking" when possible. cacti reports that graphs have been created I can see all corresponding records for the newly created graphs in the "pooler_item" database .I did exactly as you have said, i.e figured out the host ID ... and I just basically dont see any cactid requests for these partculad data sources / Iinterface indexes ... why cactid does not pick up newly created data sources.. Whn I check data sources for these newly created graphs .. However as of recently none of the graphs are updating nor are any new devices being created.This implies that one obtains precise figures for recently logged data, whereas figures based on very old data are mean value approximations.By default, you can have daily, weekly, monthy and yearly graphs.Hello and welcome to our today's article on another open source Network monitoring tool that is Cacti.Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed with RRDTool’s data storage and graphing functionality.

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