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Leider ist Ihr Browser zu alt, um unseren Website darzustellen.

Its not what you have but, who you are that makes for a happy person.

If you just can't hold it, let it go on video cam here.

On sign up, please use the name that you want displayed on your profile as your full name.

Please note: You are prohibited from accessing the content on this website if any of this material is illegal in your country.

And we want to do our best to help you through this time in your life.

And do it without you being made fun of in any way and to provide you with any support, understanding and anything else we can provide to help you.

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This site was created to be used by people with a bed wetting problem (Enuresis).

We know it isn't fun to wet the bed and that it's a constant struggle dealing with the problems that come from it.

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