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It's the end of All Time Low's most recent tour and Jack has been experiencing health issues, Alex urges him to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

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All they know is they're meant to hate each other, but Alex seems determined to change that. Also his best friend, but that didn't fucking matter. She never knew her biological parents until they turned up at her doorstep on her sixteenth birthday, only to discover that her father was a member of the band which saved her life. How can Eliza make amends with her newly found biological parents after the drama unfolds during the summer?

On this note, I’d like to attempt to make my point - Don’t throw yourself out on another’s whim.

You’re going to need them…* No words needed really for this!

Or Angsty Malum & road trip(s)Title From IYDK formerly titled Wrapped Around Your Finger (there are like a billion fics called Wrapped Around Your Finger so I decided to change it, sorry for any confusion) Alex comes home to find that Lisa has cheated on him and decides that it's the last straw. Some how during Spring Fever Alex just keeps turning to back to Jack despite his promise to Lisa.

He invites Jack over only to realize that he made a mistake in marrying Lisa and not him. While Alex debates with himself Jack seems to have found somebody new in Pierce The Veil's singer Vic Fuentes.

his name has never been daniel, that was a name someone made up and everyone latched on too. also, this song is about meg from meg and dia, it’s a part two of vegas.

first off, his brother’s name is thomas/tom gaskarth. REMEMBERING SUNDAY: it’s about alex going to visit a girl and it not going as well as he thought it would. “at home in the clouds” is simply a reference to the girl being on a plane.

so here on fuckyeahjalex are asked quite a few questions, countless. but a lot of the times its the same damn questions over and over and over again. it’s also not about her cheating on jack with alex for lisa and jack never dated but are/were merely best friends. DEAR MARIA: it’s about when alex found out a old friend of his became a stripper and he thought that was awesome. rian recently just added his to his arm, right beside his other tattoo on his arm.

so we are making this to help clear stop a lot of that. but do know nine times out of ten you will not get a straight answer from us about it. they were briefly over warped tour but now are over. for a short summer, it was lead to believe they had a fling. it was pure coincidence that her middle name is noel and alex wrote a song named noel. JASEY RAE: about alex’s one night stand with a named jasey, as sort of an apology for what happened. LULLABIES: it’s always been lead to believe it’s about his older half-brother. alex’s is on his neck right behind his ear, jack is on his shoulder next to his blink 182 bunny, zack is on his forearm.

I tag everyone’s full name and full band names, and ship names where appropriate, no abbreviations or fancy tags.

— and Under A Paper Moon, because he stated so in an interview, without mentioning Lisa’s name.

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