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The Superhumans Wanted prize will award £1m worth of commercial airtime – including a coveted slot during the Paralympics opening ceremony in Rio – to the brand or agency that submits the strongest campaign idea.

The caveat is that entries, which need to be submitted by 25 May, must feature an idea that prominently features disabled talent and issues.

However, high-profile diversity surveys from the likes of the IPA and Ad Association focus primarily on gender and race equality, and not disability. “This is a massive audience and part of our society.

“The big drives are entirely about gender and race yet up to 20% of the population will experience some form of disability in their life time. When disabled people see themselves in the media, it creates strong associations of loyalty and inclusion.” The Superhumans Wanted prize, which was announced this week at Advertising Week Europe, has already seen “massive interest” from brands, according to Brooke.

Hello Emily, First of all I think it’s a great campaign as disability and relationships need to be open with increased awareness.

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I am finding it hard to accept people’s negative views and narrow mindedness. Hi Peter, Apologies for the delay in replying – this one is tough as, unfortunately, we live in a very image conscious society ESPECIALLY when it comes to dating!!! I’m afraid I can’t comment on the usefulness of any particular dating sites, but I will say that you’re much more likely to be successful in your search for love if it is your personality that shines through first, rather than just the way you look/walk.

‘There will be a psychologist describing what people look like to the contestant…

Round two sees the contestants put their clothes on, and then dress sense is described…

The nine people featured looking for love on air have a range of conditions – from autism and Down's syndrome to learning disabilities or physical impairments – but ultimately, the show's producers say, the three-part series explores the "universal desire to find love".

Episodes begin with Cupid's arrow cutting through the "Un" of "Undateables". Seventy per cent of Britons would not consider having sex with someone who had a physical disability, according to the most recent survey of the nation's opinions on sex.

I have been tempted to sign up to these dating agencies : one has been used on the undateables on channel 4. I have given up on online dating and the use of tinder as they are so image focused. Great that you have so many interests and you’re getting yourself out there and doing what you love; that’s half of the battle! There’s been many ways that disabled people have played the game of online dating, many have even experimented to see how many responses they get when their disability isn’t photographed or mentioned on their profile at all. But someone, somewhere will be for you, you’ve just got to keep trying (however tedious and lonely that can seem at times).

Are you involved in any groups or classes that relate to your skiing or love of fitness? I’m not suggesting you do this, but it is an option! Let me know if you want to chat some more; I can even introduce you to your local Wheelchair Basketball team if you’re interested?

‘It’s crammed full of slow-mo full frontal shots and definitely doesn’t hold back .

One contestant was lucky enough to win a date last week and ran up to her match and wrapped her legs around him.’ It is believed Britain’s most tattooed man – born Matthew Whelan, but renamed King of Ink – is taking part.

He told Marketing Week: “The world needs to change quite radically.

Aside from the likes of Channel 4, Lloyds and Guinness, I don’t think disabled people exist in ad land.

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