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In reality, women’s fantasies are far more diverse.

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When Blair explained that she knew what masturbation was ("It's like jerking off, isn't it? He ejaculates on the balcony railing, and in one of the film's only bursts of comic relief, the family dog licks it up, then runs back inside to lick Read's mother (Cynthia Stevenson) square on the kisser.When I come I still imagine what this sensation would feel like and it works every time.” —Maggie, 27 3.SOUNDTRACK: “I listen to Blink-182 and Bowling for Soup and picture my most manipulative ex — then push him away and see the nice ones who have always been about me and my pleasure. GAME OF ORGASMS: “When Khal Drogo snapped off Khaleesi’s clothes on their wedding night.” —Ayanna, 35 5.It smelled of cigarette and campfire smoke, patchouli, paint, and weeks of sweat.” —Amy, 42 2.FROZEN PEAS: “The first time I came I was really young, and it coincided with a dream about me sliding over bags of frozen peas.He sneaks out of his bedroom with a furtive look, a mysterious grocery bag under his arm, and a monosyllabic response to questioning. But no matter how mature viewers feel coming into the movie, there's no getting around the curiosity factor in the opening sequence, as a buck-naked Paul Dawson gets on his back, flips his feet over his head, and tries to fellate himself.His mother (Dianne Wiest) is bewildered at his behavior, until she gets her hands on the bag and pulls out a copy of Wet, Wild and Ready (with "XXX" helpfully printed on the label). The Squid And The Whale (Owen Kline) Owen Kline is the younger of two sons of stuffy Park Slope, Brooklyn writers Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney. He gets excruciatingly close and manages a slight insertion before he ejaculates—and then bursts into tears.Are You Someone Who's Practiced in the Art of Self-Pleasure? Come and Chat With Women and Men Who Love Nothing More Than a Good Session of Masturbating. See Who Is Looking to Talk About Masturbation When You Sign Up! We’ve amassed 1000’s of stories, chat, post at the forum or check out our exclusive photos and videos of amateurs masturbating. We’re all about amateur masturbation and masturbation is all about the orgasm.Jerome Carpenter was found dead in his bedroom after apparently masturbating too much.It is speculated that Jerome was suffering from depression due to being “extremely lonely” and not getting no P*ssy for 3 days.

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