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At the same time, paper mills are being requested not to shut operations to avoid stock-out situations of boxes.

When you apply for credit, the lender checks your credit report. All of them will pull out your credit report before they decide.As we have entered the second decade of our entrepreneurial growth, I am tremendously proud of our company and the hard work of our team members globally, and I invite you to learn more about air G through this website.air G is a pioneer in the mobile software industry having released its first mobile application in 2000.Maybe this airg thing latched onto the company's phone account and when I unsubscribed my work phone it took care of all of our phones? Now that I check yes I've been paying sometimes twice a day on my last bill. The boss didn't have any charges on that bill, maybe it'll show up on this month's bill? Since some of you also have work mobiles I guess you've done the same?It's shows as "air G Gamers " and "air G Divas" on my bill. This is pure speculation right now, don't take it as fact! Considering I'm a bit of a tech head, "gamers chat" sounds self-incriminating right now.Our success is driven by our team members around the world, who dedicate themselves daily to delivering value to all our various constituents.We care deeply about how we achieve air G's results, which is why we operate from a position of integrity in all of our undertakings.I asked Telstra to stop the subscription and they put me on to Bigpond. I have sent an email to The helpdesk at Air G chat and i am awaiting there reply. Following those links again now it asks me to subscribe so it seems someone or something subscribed me for this crap. I'll just wait for my bill to arrive and go from there. So at this stage i will be keeping an eye on my aclegend dailyto see if i get any more charges.Bigpond tell me that they are not responsible for this. It came on my work mobile phone so I'm doubly pissed, I'll have some explaining to do. [update 1]My boss tried unsubscribing but it didn't come up as subscribed on his phone. yeah i just spoke to hellstra and they gave me this number for Gamers chat it is 1800235437 so i am currently on hold trying to get unsubscribed adn a refund to my phone. (hopefully) Will update soon Thanks guys at least I now know theres a problem and I'm not alone. So i suggest that anyone else ring the Toll fre number and STOP your subscription. Looking at the company bill I was charged for gamers chat once a day for seven days, from the 12th to 18th of August at around pm each time. The only time I've submitted my or my boss' numbers online is when signing up to download Mail for Exchange from Nokia.The werid thing is i ensure I have nothing to do with bigpond, the closest I get is a Telstra mobile.yep i just got this txt message, i suggest that you check your phone bill ASAP as i have and i have been getting charged the .95C for the last 3weeks . Mobiles handballed it to Bigpond who didn't know what it was and said it had nothing to do with them. I sat on hold for 30 mins listening to some crap music, i finally got on to an American operator, and she assures me that from this time on i will no longer be charged any more fees, SHe had no idea how or why i was getting charged.

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