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Q Magazine gave their "Live at Sidmouth" album four stars and put the duo "at the forefront of the latest wave of British music acts".One of his first recordings was playing bass and percussion on "Jack's Alive" (1980) the first album by the Oysterband (at that time called the Oyster Ceilidh Band).Chris Rock hasn’t put out a special since 2008, but in a way, it hardly matters: He's one of the best comics in history because he found a way to not only infiltrate fans' heads but take up permanent residency there.

Nicole Kidman was smiling so wide, she should have won an Emmy at the Oscars for her great performance. Despite pressure to boycott the Oscars over its lack of racial diversity - not one black actor was nominated in any of the main categories this year - Rock has chosen to go ahead and address the race row head on. George Washington Carver could have been president.Having already called the Oscars “The White BET Awards”, the 51-year-old comedian has never been one to shy away from issues of race, politics and relationships and is known for his razor-sharp candid sense of humour. " "I used to work at Mc Donald’s making minimum wage. I could go on with a list of black men that were qualified to be the president of the United States. Because if a bullet cost five thousand dollar, we wouldn't have any innocent bystanders." "I live in a neighborhood so bad that you can get shot while getting shot." "So, you can say “black people have made progress”, but to say “black people have made progress” would mean we deserved to be segregated.Scenic artist Chris Wood paints speakers to match the grass for the Capitol Fourth 2007 Holiday Concert as singer Hayden Panettiere's mother photographs the rehearsal in Washington on June 3, 2007.(UPI Photo/ Dominic Bracco II) HUMBLE, Texas -- Russell Henley carded 10 birdies on Sunday in the final round of the Houston Open, but said afterward that the two birdies he sank on the last two holes in Saturday's third round were likely the key to his three-shot victory over South Korea's Sung Kang.Just being around someone pleasant can be the biggest turn-on.Leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to say she prefers reality TV to passion in a relationship.He is an ardent enthusiast for traditional English dance music (with a background in English church music), including Morris and other rituals and ceremonies, but his repertoire also includes much French folk music and traditional Québécois material.He has worked for many years in a duo with button accordion/melodeon player Andy Cutting: Wood & Cutting are one of the most influential acts on the English folk music scene.Sure, passion sounds more romantic, but as the actress told Vanity Fair, you know you're in a great relationship when you can share your guilty pleasures (and bodily functions) with your S. Bad boys (and girls) are highly overrated, Tina Fey recently said in an interview with Vanity Fair. When the exhilarating novelty of dating someone dangerous fades, we really would rather spend time with someone who will be nice to us.Aziz Ansari took a hard look at millennials' dating rituals for his book Modern Romance, and he found that too many people are clinging to "ideal girlfriend" checklists, he told the New York Post.

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