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Until June 30, 2010, it offered federally guaranteed student loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). Sallie Mae Student Loans are private loans for students working toward a degree at a U. college, university or community college, studying abroad, or at medical schools around the world.

Their Smart Option Student Loan program provides three different repayment choices, including: Interest Repayment – pay interest while in college, which means a shorter repayment period after you graduate.

Check the interest rates as you prepare to consolidate student loans at Sallie Mae.

Another benefit of consolidation is locking in one loan at one fixed interest rate.

Interest rates depend on terms and your credit rating.

Having a parent with a good credit history cosign your loan will help you receive a lower interest rate.

Private loans may be eligible for consolidation, but not all lenders agree to become part of a consolidation.

In most cases, it is not possible to combine federal and private student loans in a student loan debt consolidation loan, due to the differences between loan terms.

If you wonder, “How do I consolidate my student loans? Until mid-2007, most people with student loans received numerous offers to consolidate their debts.Since interest rates are historically low, this is a great time to consolidate student loans. In 2013, the fixed interest rate was changed to a variable interest rate, but it will still be a lower rate than you can get through a regular bank. The interest rate on a federal government consolidation loan is based on the weighted average interest rate on the existing student loans, to a maximum of 10%.Your monthly payment will also be lower by extending the repayment period.In many cases, consolidation stretches the term of the loan, so you may actually pay more in interest over the life of the loan.If possible, try to accelerate your payments as your income grows to avoid paying additional interest.Consolidating federal student loans is a fairly straightforward process.Consolidating private loans is more difficult, but it can be done.You can use our Student Loan Calculator for a quick estimate of your new loan.If you are looking for student loan debt help, you are not alone. Direct Consolidation Loans - Federal student loans consolidation help may be obtained from your local college financial aid office, or from the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans Information Center, if you have loans direct from the government.Sallie Mae bank is a private company that offers private student loans, in addition to other college financial services.Sallie Mae, also known as Student Loan Marketing Association, manages or services over 0 billion in college student loans. Congress in 2010, and instead, direct student loans are made under the Federal Stafford Loan and Federal PLUS Loan programs.

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