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6854933580_2c8b688306_z answer a bit more on the serious side :) yes, I've accepted a date with someone I'd previously rejected. Then 30 minutes to a hour later she would come up to me and start dancing with me.

It all depends on why I rejected him the first time. She followed me back and said that she'd changed her mind. She followed me back and said that she'd changed her mind. Perhaps she wanted to have a few drinks or first or she wanted to dance with her friends at the time or another man that she was interested in wasn't available.

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Dinner is also out because it’s too much cash for a first date with someone you don’t really know. Of course you like the bookstore, you literate SOB. “Our second date will be [insert activity that you want].[Note: My target demographic is for a cohort over a certain age. “Keep Friday evening open, I’ll take care of the rest.” That’s a confident line, right there. You’ve now just entered the group of the top 20% of men. So you perhaps picked a happy hour at a relatively upscale place. Of course you didn’t ask for a date, you stated it (link below).If he was smart he would have proposed something fairly modest and certainly in public. As it’s a weekend, day time date, it’s not necessary to dress like it’s Saturday night. Before the date, arrange with a friend to call you during the date or send you a text. Humility is a nicely attractive feminine characteristic and exceedingly rare, sadly.If a man invites you to his place or worse, to your place, for a first date, he’s after sex and nothing more. Let’s assume that it’s a weekend date during the day and you’ve been invited for ice cream or something at the bookstore cafe. The worst flake is when he simply doesn’t show up with no notice at all. Honesty is another good characteristic and you can show your honesty by having accurate online dating profile photos and that includes a whole body shot.One of the best-known illustrations is the prisoner’s dilemma: Two criminals in separate prison cells face the same offer from the public prosecutor.If they both confess to a bloody murder, they each face three months in jail.already had plans) and you asked her again and she said 'yes'? Paul Have any of the men out there asked a women out, been rejected for some reason (other than for something mundane, ie.already had plans) and you asked her again and she said 'yes'? I got her to change her mind after a couple of extra hours of sippin.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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