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Pokemon Rejuvenation is still unfinished as of now but there is already loads of content and fun already available in game. This is due to this being a blind run as I would not see it coming and would be brutally crushed.6) Again I ask for your credit card details because I love beating this joke to death.

Anyway I'm going to pop the rules down below me here along with the table of contents and a short prologue of the game There are a lot of blue bars on this opening post huh? Standard Nuzlocke affair.1) Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and is no longer usable in battle2) I can only catch the first Pokemon I meet in an area3) Event Pokemon do not count towards that but I will ignore some of them.4) Only 4 eggs can be bred in the entire playthrough.5) If, like in Reborn, there is an unwinnable fight, I will create a brilliant excuse so I can survive.

I want a mentally strong man, who will protect me from everything bad in this life, because you I am a weak woman, and I am in need of home, caressing and warmth like a little cat.

My man needs to be very self-confident, very special to me.

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If you join our community, you'll be able to access member-only sections, and use many member-only features such as customizing your profile, sending personal messages, and voting in polls. If not we're going to be playing this for a looooong time.

Well I'm not stupid enough to attempt a Nuzlocke on Hardcore mode and I'm not a filthy casual... I'd like to have a chance of completing the run like.

But Hardcore would destroy [email protected] Redemption - It'll be tolerable anyways. Bit weird that a cruise liner has a Trainer registration facility but I ain't complaining. I'm going to ignore that advice and worry about it anyway.

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Usually I am very active person, and I have lots to do during the day, but I was so tired to be lonely, so my friend advised me this Ukrainian dating site to find my partner.

This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. Like Reborn this game isn't a Rom hack but was created from scratch by the creator. )Chapter 16 - It's Getting Hot in Here Chapter 17 - Cheater, Cheater, Status Eater Chapter 18 - Comes the Battle of the Mind (True Keta Gym Battle)Chapter 19 - Corta Forest Con-Man Oh I guess this is a flashback.

Anyway for those who don't know, Pokemon Rejuvenation was created by Super Jan Bro and is inspired by the other fan game I play, Pokemon Reborn. Oh and I'll leave a link to the game download here in case anyone wants to play it themselves. Chapter 1 - Crusing for a Bruising Chapter 2 - Luck be a Lady Tonight Chapter 3 - Gearen' up Chapter 4 - What a Load of Trubbish Chapter 5 - World's Strongest Cat Chapter 6 - Forest Friends Chapter 7 - Gotta Steal ' Em All Chapter 8 - Hell in a Handbasket Chapter 9 - The Hidden Library Chapter 10 - A Little Drop of Poison (Venam Gym Battle)Chapter 11 - The Nimpossible Girl Chapter 12 - Does Whatever a Spider Can Chapter 13 - Just Scopin' Soul Stones Chapter 14 - Hidden Library 2 : Eclectic Boogaloo Chapter 15 - Before the Battle of the Fist...(Keta Gym Battle? Nothing good ever comes from people with Arceus statues.

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