Dating friend of ex made choose


A typical friendship would entail you to have lived vicariously through your best friend's relationships.

Right from the dizzy 'I am in love' chase to the suffocating 'why me' break up (well in most cases). Wouldn't dating their ex feel like a violation of your conscience?

If you've ever tried an online dating app, you'll notice a lot of tropes that repeat themselves over and over again.

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Some view it as the ultimate betrayal of friendship. In such relationships there are three parties involved.

Gretchen Weiners chimed the girl code without batting an eyelash.

This very section of the Bible of friendship has remained evergreen over the decades. In these times, where it is oh-so-hard to keep up with the ever changing dynamics of relationships, let's ask ourselves -- Does the overplayed taboo of dating your best friend's ex still exist?

First, I asked my friends what they think it means when they're scrolling through a guy's photos and come across one that's clearly of him and his ex.

"I almost never — in fact, I think I absolutely never — swipe right whenever a woman is in a photo that appears [to be] like his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend," one friend said.

To explore these issues, I spoke to several women who shared their new tenets for the "old" exes code with me.

According to them, not all exes are created equal — so evaluate the risks involved and proceed accordingly! Do you know what really happened between the two of them? The results might help sway your decision one way or another.

You also do not need to talk about her ex around her regardless of how close you are or aren't. If you have a close friend who is reeling from a break-up then you absolutely need to speak to her and talk to her about her feelings about you possibly dating her ex.

If you have made a definite decision to date him then let her know that and reassure her that you will date him but will be low key about it You may also want to find out what went wrong.

She may share information that is important for you to know regarding this young man.

If your friend is not terribly upset about the break-up and has already moved on and re-grouped then the coast is clear for you to date the ex.

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