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We remember a man who famously said “I have a dream” and followed through on it.

In recent years, the concatenation of obfuscation that shields the “Reverend” Jackson from inculpation has been dissipating; the parasite who launched his endless shakedowns with the lie that the bloody shirt he waved in Chicago was the one he had worn when he cradled the dying King in his arms, now stands exposed as a pillar of slime. Those same “conservative” commentators go all dreamy at the mere mention of his name.

It doesn’t matter who is being nominated for a national holiday.

Enough time should pass for the nation to know everything it can about the candidate, enough time for a new generation that didn’t know him personally to decide whether he embodies the qualities that make our nation great.

The unmarried father of two children by two women also regularly lectures about the importance of Black marriage and abstinence. Johnson has responded publicly via his Instagram to Ringgold (he later deleted it from his page, but a few people and websites have managed to save the original text).

He contends that he and Ringgold never dated, but rather engaged in a series of three “after midnights.” Furthermore, he states that he was tricked by this “maggot in life” posing as a queen and that he didn’t know she was an exotic dancer until two weeks into their affair.

He also blames his “escapade” with Ringgold for allegedly costing him a million-dollar donation for his boys academy, which would have come from an unnamed NBA player.

In an exclusive interview with Ringgold shares with us her reasons for coming forth about their affair, which she said began in January and lasted until May of this year.

A suspected Gardena pimp who appeared in federal court Tuesday faces 10 years to life in prison for allegedly bringing a teenage girl from Minnesota to the South Bay and forcing her to work as his prostitute.

Federal investigators accuse Laron Darrell Carter, more commonly known on the street as “Pimpin’ Bird” and “Pi Birdd,” of trafficking a 16-year-old girl across state lines and bullying her into having sex for money that she then handed over to him.

As this issue of these weekly diatribes goes to press, the nation is preparing to honor by means of a national paid holiday the only other man who enjoys the same status as Washington.

The Martin Luther King holiday smelled as bad as the Bush Administration from the beginning because of the unseemly haste with which it was rammed through the Congress.

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