Dating money etiquette

When it comes to money etiquette in dating circa now, says couples therapist and relationship expert Tara Fields, Ph. And that’s what can make things so difficult to navigate.

Everyone has different values around money—how to spend it, how to save it, and what role it plays.

I liked him, but my mind and heart were elsewhere, so I let our budding romance fizzle.

But if I allow these men to persistently contribute more, am I allowing my time to be “bought”?

Does my taste in salt-and-pepper-haired, Ph D-wielding generous old farts make every interaction an act of prostitution? Both men and women should bear in mind the other's ability to contribute.

He was ridiculously cute and seemed smart, kind and thoughtful.

A few years later, The Actor scored a leading role in an award winning indie film.

That is, until the text conversation we had a few months ago.

We hadn't spoken in a few years, but when I posted photos from a recent vacation to Los Angeles, The Actor sent me a text.

I met The Actor before he had any modicum of fame, when he was just a mild-mannered biology student.

We worked together for a spell and during that time developed an innocent flirtation.

Are you being objectified in terms of your success? I tend to date men more cultured and interesting than me.

They tend to be older, more successful and higher earners as well.

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