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Already shown in over 500 high schools and colleges across the country, YWCA together with One Love will be bringing this program to the high schools in Greenwich this spring.This special event has been designed to give parents and adults a preview of the program.It has already been shown in over 500 high schools and colleges across the country, according to the YWCA.

Therefore, YWCA Greenwich is teaming with One Love to raise awareness about the potential warning signs of abuse and the role family, friends, educators, service providers and bystanders can play in changing these statistics.The presentation focuses on models of healthy relationships, which she calls primary prevention.Often, dating violence presentations focus on red flags in a relationship, says Schortgen, but “our goal is to stop violence before violence happens.”“I want them to see visually what it is they should be striving for in a relationship,” she said.If you are single, a single parent with children or a two-parent family, you may be eligible for the YWCA’s income-based permanent housing in Woodlawn, which offers two-and three-bedroom apartments. -permanent housing for seniors and disabled individuals YWCA Central Alabama offers a continuum of residential programs for seniors and disabled individuals.We operate two permanent housing facilities specifically tailored to the needs of this population in Birmingham’s Avondale neighborhood and Homewood, Alabama.The Gertrude White Gallery at the YWCA displayed "Hashtag That!Social Media’s Impact on Domestic Violence" in October 2016.He didn’t start out that way, as most people who have been in abusive relationships will tell you. He would say that any of my opinions, no matter how trivial, were stupid, often emphasizing that women’s opinions didn’t matter anyway—a message that I was also getting from other male friends and the media.After a month of seemingly blissful dating, the negative comments started slowly pouring in. He told me once that my fashion style wasn’t “sexy” enough, but when I wore something trendier the next day in an effort to please him, he scolded me for looking “like a slut.” Nothing I did was good enough for him.Visit any of the following links below to learn more: If you are fleeing a domestic violence situation, contact the YWCA's 24 hour Crisis Hotline immediately at 205.322.4878, or call the statewide hotline at 1.800.650.6522.YWCA operates two shelters at confidential locations in Jefferson and St. If you are experiencing homelessness and are either a two-parent family with children, a single mother with at least one male child 10 years old or older, or a single father with children of any age, you may be eligible for emergency housing through the YWCA’s Interfaith Hospitality House. For immediate assistance, please call Interfaith Hospitality House at 205.591.4302.-permanent housing for single women The YWCA offers one-bedroom affordable permanent housing for low-income single women pursuing a life of stability and independence.-permanent housing for single women with children The YWCA Central Alabama offers affordable housing opportunities for low-income single women with children (no male children over age 12) pursing a life of stability in a safe and nurturing environment.-permanent housing for single men or women with or without children, and families Our newest housing initiative includes new and renovated apartments in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham.

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