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But after talking to a bunch of our married male friends, we realized they all have one thing in common: They are all romantics at heart.So we got them gushing about the precise moment they knew their partners were the one.

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You want someone who will give resources, such as time, attention, and money, to make you happy, but you also want someone who is independent and willing to be a partner—not a doormat. Assess her emotional stability, what is she like around you, your friends and family. Find out if you truly are sexually, physically attracted to her. Is she ready to have sex every time you initiate or holds sex back until she feels like it? She wants to have an independent house, while you can't live away from your parents. If she is into dancing, you can take a lesson or two. So make sure you lay out clear rules regarding handling of finances. If she wants to be a part of all your plans, soon enough you will start resenting her and eventually your marriage. That doesn't mean you cannot participate in each other's interests.A lot of men discuss with their friends if they think their girl is wife material.If you are in your mid-late 20′s, you are probably at that stage where there is no point in dating a girl if you don’t see yourself with her in the future. She loves your parents and would never do anything to make them look at her differently.Now she’s his wife, living the life that you dreamed of. ” More often than not, it was the minor things that were major to him. I wanted to know what separates a woman from being girlfriend material vs. Conversation, connection, and a kindred spirit tie their hearts together.Usually, we don’t notice because are so consumed with ourselves that we overlook the obvious. wife material, and reached out to several men – engaged, divorced, and married – to assist me. It’s deeper than sex because their chemistry is based on the bond they established from the beginning. She stimulates his mind with meaningful and engaging conversations about life, not celebrity gossip.If you get a positive answer on all counts, she is one hundred percent marriage material. ou just knew your relationship was written in the stars. Your old love has a new permanent fixture in his life and to your chagrin, it’s not you. She’s not attractive, out of shape, socially awkward.Every time you go to dinner she doesn’t need to order a bottle of wine to herself to have fun with you or if you’re hanging out with her at home, she doesn’t need to get drunk to enjoy the moment, she can just be there with you.That’s a question that only you can answer, but we’re here to help where we can. This means that the more you get to know her, the more you feel like you can relax and be yourself around her.

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