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With millions of singles worldwide flocking to online dating websites hoping to find true love, why do so few actually meet that special someone online?

Why do so many online singles fail to find their match?

What got New York society’s knickers in a twist last month was not so much Gwyneth Paltrow “hijacking” a casual East Hampton Library authors’ night by turning up with a full entourage of family, security and hangers-on, but, rather, the fact she was wearing “virtually no make-up”, as one site gasped (let alone a bra, from the looks of things, but that’s a different story).

Meanwhile, similar ripples of barefaced rebellion are being felt on this side of the pond.

Jessie Nizewitz's ordeal began after unaltered images of her private parts emerged.

"Immediately Plaintiff became subject to ridicule by those watching," read the lawsuit via Entertainment Weekly.

Cheryl Cole, as the face of L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection skincare, appears in its latest ad campaign wearing just Skin Perfection Skincare Magic Touch Instant Blur — again, no foundation. The first season of The Office was met with mixed reviews, but the following four seasons received widespread acclaim from television critics.These seasons were included on several critics' year-end top TV series lists, winning several awards including four Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2006.Dan and Jennifer want to bring the problem to light and to help solve it by reaching out to all of those disappointed singles and helping them to succeed.In their recent book, “Online Dating - Finding Love Online” (Guest stars: Karen Mistal as Heidi, Michael Pearlman as Jason Pembroke, Lisa Donovan as Jill Pembroke, Tammi Caudell as Patti and Jeff Robie as Sid.Charles and Buddy take Adam to their art class where Professor Wycliffe (Jack Fletcher) mistakes Adam for a young art prodigy; Buddy ends up meeting a girl named Rebecca Stansbury (Signy Coleman) that poses nude for art class.It is co-produced by Daniels' Deedle-Dee Productions, and Reveille Productions (later Shine America), in association with Universal Television.The original executive producers were Greg Daniels, Howard Klein, Ben Silverman, Ricky Gervais, and Stephen Merchant, with numerous others being promoted in later seasons.The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.To simulate the look of an actual documentary, it is filmed in a single-camera setup, without a studio audience or a laugh track.

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