Datingverification com


To successfully create a transparency-driven movement and hold the dating industry to a higher standard, the founders knew they needed a strong brand platform.We were asked to evaluate the business proposition, and guide the brand naming and all communications.b Tru is a dating platform that makes it easy to find out who people really are before you go on a date.Once you've met someone, b Try helps you find out if they're for real.Millions of men and women turn to online dating to find love, meet their perfect matches, or just increase the pool of choices for prospective dates.

Most often seen with celebrities or famous sports personalities, it’s a simple way of letting everyone know that the account holder is the person they claim to be.To gain a deeper understanding of the company, industry and challenge, we: As part of our research, we stepped into the shoes the ideal b Tru user.The app seeks to meet the needs of a segment of people who aren’t being served well by existing dating sites and services.That way you can close them down easily if you need to.Use secure messaging in app: Don’t rush to move to off-app communications (email, phone, etc).Does this mean that you should shut down the computer, head to your bedroom with a bucket of chocolate chip ice cream, and forget about the whole idea of finding your ideal match? It simply means that you need to take the risks seriously and do what’s needed to protect yourself.Some of the most popular dating sites have taken steps to help protect their members, but there is a constant influx of both men and women who seek to take advantage of lonely – and sometimes desperate – individuals who use these services.Use throwaway accounts: Some dating apps require an email or a Facebook account to log in.If you want to use one of these sites, it may be smart to create a new account just for dating.We developed the brand platform, designed the app and created the website and various touch points.In doing so, we aimed to: Since b Tru was a new company, we didn’t have an existing brand to evolve. Our research focused on the founders’ vision, and current and future marketplace trends.

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