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I was given a photographer's press pass, which gave me access to the locker rooms, press box, various other "inner sanctum" locations ... I was given a red jersey to wear, told to stay outside the yellow dashed lines that ring the field, and turned loose for the evening.I felt somewhat inadequate, because I knew that the "real" professional photographers would be equipped with high-cameras and monstrous telephoto lenses beyond anything I had ever touched, or could possibly afford; and even though my Nikon D300 and 70-300mm zoom lens is fairly respectable in amateur circles, I had no idea if I would be able to take any decent photos at all...Athletes Home / NFL Home / Sports Channel Tony Boseli, Jonathan Ogden and Willie Roaf have led the NFL in true franchise offensive tackles for more than a decade.The trio, however, are starting to see the end of their playing days, with one (Boseli) having already retired.

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Ferguson announced earlier this month he'll be hanging up his cleats ...The Jets, with the fourth overall pick, drafted Ferguson to anchor a line that has lost two key starters in the ’06 offseason.Although he struggled early and gave up 10 sacks in his rookie campaign, Ferguson did settle in and was noticeably better towards the end of the year.I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that, until last night, I had never been to a professional football game in my life. High-school and college football games: sure, though that was a long time ago. " After which he pulled out his flute, every time he thought she might be present when he returned to our off-campus apartment, and played "Old Mc Donald Had a Farm" until he collapsed in gales of laughter on the stairwell.Indeed, the last college football game I watched (in person) was in the mid-60s, when I was invited to the annual Harvard-Yale game by a Radcliffe student I had begun dating -- a development to which my MIT college roommate reacted, in shock, by howling, "Radcliffe? Highly inaccurate, I hasten to note, and totally unfair. Anyway, a freelance writer, Mitch Ligon (whose photo you can see here in one of my Flickr sets), invited me to accompany him last night to the New York Jets - Philadelphia Eagles game out in the New Jersey Meadowlands -- another first-time experience.With not many big names coming in to replace the once star-studded position, a new breed of offensive tackle needs to evolve.Robert Gallery, a top-10 selection by the Oakland Raiders in 2004, was supposed to fit that mold but so far hasn’t panned out.“Easily.” Mc Cants was traded by Minnesota to Sacramento in early 2009. He then bounced around with two D-League stints and multiple stints abroad, none lasting for very long.Mc Cants isn’t the first athlete to raise eyebrows by dating a Kardashian.Fans and media were clamoring for one of USC’s Heisman Trophy-winning stars: Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart. 2 pick, which would have been Bush, for the fourth and 29th (which the Jets used on Mangold) picks. Instead of Hollywood, Tannenbaum tapped the 6-foot-6 tackle out of Freeport, Long Island, and the University of Virginia. He knew even if John Elway were available in the draft, it would not matter if the Jets could not protect him.During the early practices of his rookie year, the Jets could see they made the right decision. It was the same way it would be for the next decade. From Leon Washington to Chris Ivory, Ferguson opened up holes for the Jets’ running backs, and from Pennington to Ryan Fitzpatrick, he kept the quarterbacks off the ground. Only Giants quarterback Eli Manning has played more since 2006.

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