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"I'll have the baby in January and then I'll still have about six months to prepare for the wedding.""The baby will make a wonderful addition to the wedding party," Chmerkovskiy added.

Chris Soules‘ former Dancing With the Stars costars are speaking out following his latest brush with the law.

The couple exchanged vows in front of about 400 guests before sitting down for a formal dinner. A pepper steak flambé and chicken with a “honey pecan butter sauce.” Lindsay Arnold got married just six months after she got engaged.

Sam Cusick presented her with an engagement ring back in December while the two were on vacation in Africa.

Dylan Chambers was also on hand to sing a few songs live (he is featured on for their 16th season, and was paired with Victor Ortiz.

Although the two were eliminated early on, Arnold stayed with the program, and has been a part of the show’s dance troupe.

This is a positive place, we don't need that here, so you just need to leave.'" Following the premiere, E!

Since he called 911 after the crash, however, his legal team filed a motion to dismiss the felony charge, arguing that he stayed to help and also clearly identified himself to the 911 operator.

, Arnold and Cusick started dating when she was just 16-years-old (she is now 21).

This is a really insane situation and I almost don’t even know what to say about it, but he’s in my prayers and I hope he’s OK.

I can’t imagine that that is easy to go through at all.” As previously reported, Soules’ pickup rear-ended a tractor trailer in Aurora, Iowa, on April 24. I don’t even know what to say, but he is the nicest guy.

Hollywood has learned exclusively that there’s one It seems once those dancing shoes heat up the floor, so do the romances!

Val has had his fair share of steamy rumors with a past teammate, so will Rumer be next? And no matter how much the show might try to tell us differently, Rumor and Val will not hook up because she is to close to Janel,” an insider told Hollywood exclusively. The source continued to tell Hollywood Life.com, “She will not allow romance to happen with Val because she wouldn’t want to risk ruining her friendship with Janel at any cost.” We have a new found respect for Rumer.

These two were spotted intensely practicing at the Millennium Dance Complex in Studio City, Calif. What do YOU think, Hollywood Lifers, will Rumer & Val keep it strictly professional?

co-stars are offering their support and calling out the protesters, who were wearing white Anti-Lochte T-shirts when they attempted to rush the stage after Ryan's performance with partner Cheryl Burke. It was his moment to shine, and it was really messed up." co-stars were quick to praise the gold medalist as a "nice guy," with country singer Jana Kramer explaining, "I just want America to see the Ryan that we've gotten to know, because he's a really, really good dude.

Hollywood is exclusively nipping future rumors of these two being together right in the butt! It’s great that she is going to keep it strictly professional!

Sexy Val and his new partner, Rumer, have wasted no time. We are so excited to see how these two progress as a couple — we mean as partners!

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