Elvis presley and nancy sinatra dating does carbon dating fossils work


Nancy Sinatra visibly lights up at memories of recording the million-selling number one hit Somethin’ Stupid with her father. ” It took place one evening in 1967 at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, where Frank Sinatra was recording bossa nova sessions with Brazilian guitarist and composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.“It was breathtaking, such a privilege to be in that room and listen to these wonderful charts being played.Jobim had that delicate vocal sound, the rhythm section was quiet, the horns were quiet, one of the guys playing trombone said, ‘If I played any softer it would have to come out the back of my neck.’ That’s how hushed it was.And then at the end of session the Jobim rhythm section left and in comes the Wrecking Crew. ” Nancy laughs with delight, recalling the arrival of the legendary LA session ensemble who played on so many classic Sixties rock and pop records.Microphones were set up face to face, and father and daughter ran through their light, playful version of Carson Parks’s flirty love song, with Frank goofing around, putting on a Daffy Duck voice and cracking jokes.

She laughs easily but becomes moist-eyed just as quickly, displaying a kind of openness that was always part of her appeal. “It’s not easy,” she says, of talking about her father. The man was probably one of the most photographed people who ever lived. It’s like constantly being bombarded, like somebody putting their fingers in the wound.Contrary to this arrangement, Priscilla gradually moved in with Elvis.Priscilla's descriptions of the nights she spent with Elvis before their marriage suggest that the star was not overtly sexual towards her.Priscilla describes how her father reluctantly allowed her to live in Memphis, Tennessee to be near Elvis.The initial arrangement was that Priscilla would live with Vernon and Dee while attending a Memphis Catholic school.He didn’t seem to worry that a fling with a child could land him in jail.” Reeca, now aged 50, says: “I thought it was crazy because I was so young. He wanted to take me to Las Vegas and Nashville but my parents refused to let me go.He said, ‘I know you’re young but when you’re older, maybe in a couple of years, maybe we can go places and have more of a relationship.’ “I couldn’t fathom it.” But reeca Smith was merely an echo of Presley’s most famous illicit love: the schoolgirl who eventually became his wife and ultimately keeper of his £300million estate: Priscilla Beaulieu, who was only 14 years old when she met 24-year-old Elvis.“Elvis loved 14 and 15-year-old girls,” reveals author Alanna Nash.“He was insecure about his sexual prowess and wanted virgins so they wouldn’t have anyone to compare him to as a lover. He wanted to mould them and mentor them and they adored him.He bought her fancy clothes and vowed to make her a top model – an empty promise.She was the last in a long line of under-age girls that the rock legend pursued while indulging a voracious sexual appetite, according to a shocking new book.

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