Email droidx not updating

Verify that you can connect to the Internet on your i Phone by opening a new Web browser window and attempting to visit any website.Verify that your email account settings are entered correctly.The little icon shows that it is trying to load but it will not do it.I've had this issue since I updated my phone on June 2.

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Essentially it has its own google main log in screen, but looks and functions exactly like google mail.When I go to the Messaging Application, go to settings, the Email option is also not accessible. It is like I am locked out of changing my e-mail options.I figured out that gmail is completely separate from the e-mail application on the phone. The school email is through something called MUConnect with google.But I am having issues getting them to display a notification for new mail.Try going to SETTINGS, APPS, ALL, EMAIL, then tap CLEAR DATA. And we have a forum specifically for the RAZR MAXX HD. I can send a email from my yahoo account on my phone but I cannot receive emails on my yahoo account.I had to re add 2 google mail lables for the accounts.Now the e-mail account do not update unless I click on them and go to sync. When I go to Settings - Data Delivery, E-mail and corp Sync option is unaccessible.Originally I had 2 google mail lable shortcuts on the desktop, one for each account.When I opened these they both worked and I was getting notifications in the top bar for new emails from both accounts. I re-did my entire setup with launcher pro recently so I am not sure if this has anything to do with it.

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