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By Paul Fraser Collectibles It was minted by Nicholas II for a mixed currency which included France, Italy and Greece Last week, Kuenker completed their long anticipated sale of rare Russian Coins, Medals, Orders and Decorations.

We focussed in on one clear highlight ahead of the sale: This was the 37 1/2 ruble (or 100 franc) piece of Tsar Nicholas II from the mint of St. Of great rarity it is one of only 225 examples made.

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After the outbreak of the Russian revolution he abdicated and was murdered along with his wife, Alexandra of Hesse, the heir to the throne and the four daughters in July 1918 in the Siberian exile.

The gold coin sold at the auction is one of the best known and most sought-after Russian coins.

Introduction This book provides an analysis of how transnational gas markets have evolved and impacted the European Union (EU)-Russia energy relations.

It offers a detailed examination of how the shale gas revolution has exposed gas markets to new practices and norms; as a result, this revolution has made gas markets more market-oriented.

(3) At the beginning of Stage III from late-July to mid-August, the blocking shifts its location from western Europe to Russia (around 50˚E).

We investigate the mechanism and predictability of a sequence of strong Euro-Russian blocking with an extraordinary duration from mid-June to mid-August 2010 using a hindcast experiment performed on MRI (Meteorological Research Institute)/JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) AGCM and the operational 1-month ensemble forecast of the JMA.

First, a detailed examination on the time sequence of this blocking event based on JRA-25/JCDAS reanalysis dataset reveals that the persistent blocking could be decomposed into three evolutionary stages: (1) In Stage I from mid-June to late-June, the blocking resides over the Atlantic (around 10˚W) and is maintained due to the interaction with high-frequency synoptic disturbances of relatively high activity in comparison with the other two Stages.

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This one had some edge errors, especially in the temple gloss.

Nicholas II Alexandrovich initially continued the autocratic rule of his father Alexander III until he was forced by the 1905 Revolution during the Russo-Japanese War into radical reforms.

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I just have to experience humour in my life every day to enjoy it because HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF! I ABIDE by my P15 lifestyle (FROM THE BOOK OF PROVERBS) WE MAKE A LIVING BY WHAT WE GET, WE MAKE A LIFE BY WHAT WE GIVE......... I'm well educated, world traveled, intelligent, hard working, creative, family-oriented, affectionate, passionate, romantic and easy to get along with. Some of my interests include great communication; arts; reading and learning; social activities; music,dancing; great food and cooking; acrylic painting; photography; gardening.

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