Floyd mayweather jr dating chilli

Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, declined comment on why his fighter made such shocking allegations, days before a big bout. “Floyd is focused on what he’s got to do,” Ellerbe said.

“When the bell rings, you’ll see the same Floyd Mayweather.” The pound-for-pound king has a history of outlandish, even unhinged behavior.

“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson @missjackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. Mayweather, 37, quickly removed the bombshell postings, but an editor from ABC7 captured the image.

The controversial welterweight gave Jackson a million diamond ring when they got engaged in 2013.

There are frequent (and often crude) conversations about a man’s penis size.

But because of all the strengths and guidance from his love ones, he is now the most bankable boxer of the world, the highest earning athlete internationally, the undisputed champion of the ring and the reigning king of boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Parents need to know that this series -- which focuses on R& B singer Chilli’s efforts to find a man to marry -- contains lots of strong sexual innuendo, including some crude references to male genitalia, most of which is bleeped) and strong vocab (“damn,” “ass”; words like “dick” and “f--k” are also bleeped). Cast members drink wine and cocktails during meals and at bars. " /In contrast to some other reality show characters, Chilli seems relatively tame.

Arguments sometimes lead to things being roughly shoved off of tables. She wants to get married and even though she sometimes seems a little desperate to do so, she maintains high standards for her match -- asking for someone who doesn't drink or smoke, who is spiritual, and who doesn't have kids by more than two women.

Millions of men around the globe are trying their best to at least create a name in their respective countries in any way.

And one of the best and the fastest way to step up the ladder of success is through a famous sport that is equally attainable and parallel to one’s capability.

Just Wednesday, he referred to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling — the biggest public enemy in sports following the release of his racist rant on audio recordings — as “a great guy.” He also has a history of out-of-the-ring violence.

Mayweather did jail time in 2012 for the battery of an ex-girlfriend, serving 60 days at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas.

Police cars can be seen pulling up and, about 15 minutes later, Harris can be seen being taken out on a stretcher as she clutches her head.

Mayweather was hit with eight charges from the incident and ordered to stay away from Harris and the kids.

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken the night Floyd Mayweather Jr.

allegedly roughed up his baby mama, Josie Harris -- showing Harris being wheeled off on a stretcher after seeking refuge in a security guard station.

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