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Use Wirecast's built-in screen capture tool for unlimited capture of content directly from your computer screen(s).Pull any application window or connected monitor’s desktop directly into Wirecast as a live, viewable camera source, or just select the region of your screen you want to capture.For advanced users we have an option to add any camera model by specifying camera requests manually. Port forwarding forwards all traffic from your private camera to external network, e.g. Read the router manual for how to do that or contact your system network administrator.Enter your external IP address and port number in tiny Cam Monitor when you've done. You need to install on your PC either Netcam Studio (recommended), Abel Cam or Yawcam software which support USB cams broadcasting.Go back to the app main menu and press “Start server”.Now the camera is attached to your personal account and is automatically subscribed to the Free subscription package.The easiest way is automatically add all your cameras via "Scan Network" feature available in the app.After the cameras added, you need to specify cameras username and password.

PLEASE NOTE: Devices not listed below, or qualified by our QA team as supported, may work with Wirecast.i Cam is the mobile application for i OS (i Phone, i Pod touch, and i Pad) and Android devices that allows you to remotely monitor live video and audio feeds from up to 12 (i Phone / i Pod touch / Android) or 16 (i Pad) computer webcams at the same time.The i Cam Source is the free computer application that streams your webcam video and audio to i Cam.Run the application, select “Cloud streaming” and press “Cloud streaming active”.Enter your personal account details or create a new account.If you do have problems getting things to work, please see the Troubleshooting section for more information.The i Cam Source currently supports any Built-In, Fire Wire or USB webcam supported by Windows XP/Vista or OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and later.For Linux we support Motion, MJPG-streamer, Zone Minder.For Android - IP Webcam (recommended), spy Net Cloud IP Camera (recommended), FRITZ!It is possible to use a camera of the mobile device as an IP-camera together with IP Webcam app (for Android OS only).IP Webcam allows to stream the video from your mobile device via Ivideon. IP Webcam can transmit the video via Ivideon on the most part of Android devices (firmware 4.1 and higher).

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