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Note that this has been discussed in the past - see here for an archive of the last round of talks.

The issue is criteria #1 as it reads right now: A lone nomination by itself is not enough.

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Sexual expression takes many forms and intensities.

Sexuality is diverse and we shouldn’t be too quick to label someone a “sex addict” when in fact they may simply have a high libido or enjoy non-traditional forms of sexuality.

Now mind you, I've changed my mind slightly since the first time this topic was brought up in that I now think that if a given actress receives multiple nominations (regardless of which award or which year it is for), then she should be considered to be notable. Tabercil , 10 August 2007 (UTC) The decision whether to insist on one nomination, multiple nominations or an award win seems a bit arbitrary.

How do any of us know where the actual dividing line is between notability and non-notability?

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