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Here’s part 2 of her bio: In the first question she confesses to what seems to be a serious hit-and-run. Under favorites, she admits her illiteracy, calls it “Two and One Half Men,” lists Geico commercials as one of her favorite shows, and professes love for “Bon Jorvi.” Next up, on “The six things I could never do without,” we get the mention of a dead father with September in parentheses – whatever that means – some bizarre proverbs, and then, #4 just says YOLO. Within 6 hours, my profile had been viewed over 400 times and 39 guys had messaged me.With over 1.5 million singles available online, you have more chances of meeting the Russian woman of your dreams on Russian Cupid than anywhere else.I started thinking about it and had a thought: I wonder how far guys would go to get a date or a hook-up.And so, my OKCupid adventure began…I set up a profile using the picture of a cute girl I know. It’s a little bizarre that an adult would choose to include the fourth installment of a children’s movie in their profile name for a dating site, but I digress. I wanted to make this so idiotic and unappealing that no one in their right mind would show interest in this girl. This girl clearly lacks the ability to read and write.After these tours, the band's line up changed again, to Contreras, Hixenbaugh and Small with drummer Derek Downham, followed by a September 2006 show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto that had the band performing all new songs with Rego, Small and Jason Nunes (the entire Meligrove Band) under the By Divine Right name.By Divine Right's first live show since 2006 was on December 31, 2007, at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, at which the band's new full-time line up of Contreras, Stew Heyduk (of The Golden Dogs) and Mitch Perkins (formerly of Rusty) appeared together for the first time. Phil” guest who coined the phrase, “Cash me outside how bow dah? The “Cash Me Outside” girl recently made her second appearance on national television, where she revealed she hasn’t changed her ways and delivered a few savage disses to Dr. Not to mention, she’s been celebrating Valentine’s Day in an… Danielle Bregoli shared a few photos from her Valentine’s Day on Instagram yesterday, and it looks like this troubled teen got hit in the neck with one of Cupid’s arrows.Yep, while you and your fellow dateless friends spent the night drinking away your #foreversingle V-Day sorrows, the “Cash Me Outside” girl was posting videos that showed off her giant hickey on Instagram.

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Filling in on drums for some dates was Loel Campbell of Wintersleep.

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She would very blatantly shoot them down and yet they would continue to message her.

Obviously, for most women this doesn’t come as a surprise whatsoever.

The Sundaes are attacking, save the restaurant and stop the sundaes and other evil food! Baby Hazel was enjoying a relaxing vacation with her family on a cruise ship when she spotted a lighthouse through her binoculars.

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In 2007, By Divine Right contributed a cover version of Rheostatics' "Shaved Head" to the tribute album The Secret Sessions, with a line up consisting only of Contreras and Julien Beillard of the band Wooden Stars.

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