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Sitting on a wooden bench in a dusty, barren clearing surrounded by walls of corrugated iron, a group of old ladies watch their mate, 72-year-old Wambui Kimuhu, kicking and punching an unlucky sparring partner 30 years younger than her.

Using her bare hands and legs, Kimuhu yells an intimidating “No!

The Kenya National Association of Parents (Knap) Secretary-General Musau Ndunda, told that they are concerned over information they are receiving that there are school girls doubling as sex workers, strippers and porn actors.

Ndunda recalls a case in which a primary school girl visited his office and admitted that her friends were attempting to lure her into what she suspected was acting for a pornographic film.

It is gradually emerging that school girls have now been turned into prostitutes and porn stars, while some city strip clubs have recruited underage girls to apparently draw more male customers.“Not every girl you see in uniform is going or leaving school. They might not roam the streets, but they visit their clients,” a resident of Bahati told .In Kibra slums, young girls are paid for live porn performances with older men in secret dens where only selected adults are allowed in at a fee.There are even specific techniques conceived for blind people.“Remember, your goal is to force back the attackers and attract attention.Initially, the hotel used to charge Sh6,500 for a single room.In Utawala, one of the popular ‘lounges’ in the area records full booking over the weekends.Did you enjoy it hearing the stories of the people?Let me know ❤️ "My baby's name is Shafi, he is just 2months old ❤️ I named him after a beautiful young boy that I really loved, who used to come and visit all the time while I was pregnant.The could however not trace the girl later, making it difficult for Knap to follow up on the matter.“Visit these strip joints in the city and you will find that some strippers and prostitutes are underage girls who are still in school. They attend schools but in the evenings or weekends, they are in the streets or strip joints where pornography makers get them to perform in their productions,” said Ndunda.

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