Great expectations dating scam Free hot sex cams without joining


I requested a refund and I was quoted contract language.

It's a scam and I'm embarrassed that I fell for it.

I would like to file a class action lawsuit against Great Expectations dating services in Dallas, TX.

So many consumers, in over 15 states, have been completely scammed in person into signing their dating contract for /mth for 3 years, under the false verbal promise that they'd be able to cancel at any time, and to sign there quickly on the line, on a form with small, fine writing in print that has no cancellation policy whatsoever.

After going to that web site I filled out a questionnaire and then it all started. He stated this is a once in a life time deal and I cannot offer this to you ever again. Great Expectations is involved in several lawsuits nation wide.

I was called and called and called - well, you get the picture. Ware he informed me of what a great program they had and how if I joined I would find the love of my life. He then asks what is this ,000 dollars you have on this credit card. I talked to a former employee who stated you are video taped the whole time and when the person leaves, they are going to a room where several people are watching you trying to figure out how much to charge you! Well the latest is I have disputed my credit card and won briefly but then the credit was reversed.

Consumers have used the words "fraud", "scam" and "rip-off" to describe GE: it's time we came together to address these grievances from the monetary and punitive damages caused by GE.

Good luck getting the so called one on one matching service they sell you on. And if you call them they will scramble and send you some poor victim's profile that will most likely not fit any if your personal interests.

Best part is how they also lie and tell you they will set you up with a photographer who will take your professional photos and you just pay his fees of 0 for the photoshoot, but without the photoshoot they can't set up your profile because they only use professional photos so you don't have a choice but to pay the 0.

What they don't tell you is that the photographer is Sheryel"s son and that the 0 is only for the photoshoot not the photos.

They take advantage of people and appeal to their emotional weakness in their desire to find a mate and lie to you thinking they have your best interest at heart but they don't.

Sheryel doesn't even work there and she is supposed to be the owner but the truth is she makes a living as a photographer at Polo events not as the so called Matchmaker she claims to be.

Then I got a second call from them on my voice mail and I thought about it a little more then called them back and set up an appointment for this coming Saturday. They said they would have to run a background check on me to be sure I wasn't a felon and a credit check. So I did a search for "great expectations cost" and it turned up this consumer reporting site's list of people who had filed complaints about Great Expectations-----

Here are a couple of "testimonials": Bryan of Holly Springs GA (02/05/08)I contacted a web site entitled thinking it was singles in my area. After that I went home and did a little research and I was amazed that these people are still in business.

I have yet to have a man with a higher than high school education contact me.

It's like to social rejects are drawn to this service.

They called at least 6 times to get me to come to their office. He went on to say I was part of this service until marriage. and asked, "I bet you are wondering how much this GREAT service would cost." I said of course and he told me 4,995 dollars. See the credit check is solely to see how much money you have. Ware said I will make you a deal, I will lower the fee to ,995 dollars and call it a student discount. I am now filing paper work to go to small claims court in Fulton County with them.

I listened to his 30min presentation and watched an old video (from the 90's) during which he left the room about 4 times. And if I have to I will use my media resources to let everyone in GA know what kind of people and business they are dealing with.

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