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Guangzhou gets bad press - or no press - not account of crazed gang wars (an average Amercian school does this subject more justice) but because it is a midget of a city when compared with siblings Beijing and Shanghai.Still, it squeezes in a few million souls across a vast urban sprawl.h=194&w=300&m=6&q=60&u=t&o=t&l=f" title="Mexicans figured out the easiest way to eat more of the antioxidant-rich dark ca... With hundreds of thousands of views and many thousands of comments, this iconic discussion thread on Hong Kong’s number one property site is the most influential player in the Hong Kong property market.He browses through the menu and orders a “Giusto”, together with a glass of red wine.

Freebies: Find action online Hong Kongers are connected to the web in a big way. Because of that, you have a good chance to connect with women online, on dating and other websites.

Put the best photo of yourself you can find here, and write a good description.

China has one of the biggest and busiest rail networks in the world, and trains link almost every town & city.

” For more than thirty years, Panino Giusto has represented a Milanese business that successfully launched over 25 restaurants in its country of origin, Italy and around the world in cities like Tokyo, London, Hong Kong and Cupertino.

Panino Giusto has established itself as a brand that combines, taste and traditional care of ingredients while staying innovative.

Train tickets are best booked at least 3-4 days in advance, preferably more, apart from peak holiday periods when they should be booked as soon as reservations open or secured through a train ticketing agency who knows the ropes, as trains get very fully-booked weeks ahead.

He blows the frost from his coat and sits down at one of the dark wooden tables.

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SEE ALSO Beijing business hotels | Shanghai business hotels | Shanghai shopping | Shenzhen business hotels | Sanya fun guide | Hong Kong business hotels | Hong Kong shopping | Chengdu guide | Xian fun guide Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich JUMP TO Getting around Guangzhou | Nightlife, shopping and culture | Pazhou Expo, Pearl River | Tianhe Financial District | Yue Xiu, Shamian Island | Baiyun and airport hotels | Hotel Contacts GUANGZHOU can paint a grim picture at times - cabbies sealed into knife-proof plastic cubicles behind a solid wall of iron bars, drivers with scant knowledge of local hotels and roads, caged apartment windows...

But before you roll your window up to race back to the train station - or airport - take a few minutes to go through our Guangzhou survival guide and you'll see it's not a bad, or excessively tough, place at all.

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