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A friend told me recently that he’d started implementing checklists in his organization.Afterward, he noticed, people seemed a lot more confident in their decisions.Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships Recognizing an Unhealthy Relationship Healing from Past Relationships Community Q&A A healthy relationship is characterized by respect, trust, honesty, good communication, and the ability for each person to keep an individual identity and personality.A bad or unhealthy relationship can be characterized by the opposite of all these things — disrespect, dishonesty, lies, lack of communication, and the pressure to change who you are for your partner.In fact, you may be surprised just how much small daily decisions impact the willpower you have for important choices.And most importantly, it turns out there are simple choices you can make that will help you master your willpower and make better decisions on a more consistent basis. In a research study published by the National Academy of Sciences, psychologists examined the factors that impact whether or not a judge approves a criminal for parole.

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When my co-owner (my wife) and I decided that we wanted to move Webpage FX from the town of Carlisle to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, there were a number of financial costs we had to consider.

On the surface, that would seem to be a good thing—but there are some times when confidence can go awry.

When we’re facing a problem, we often start running down a checklist for potential solutions.

The 19th century mansion we had our sights set on needed a lot of work, property on the riverfront would be more expensive than in the middle of a small town, and we knew we wanted to outfit our new office with perks that matched our culture.

Don't put yourself in a situation that you know could temporarily lead to something wrong.

The researchers examined 1,112 judicial rulings over a 10-month period. The choices made by judges are impacted by all types of things that shouldn’t have an effect in the courtroom. What the researchers found was that at the beginning of the day, a judge was likely to give a favorable ruling about 65 percent of the time.

All of the rulings were made by a parole board judge, who was determining whether or not to allow the criminal to be released from prison on parole. However, as the morning wore on and the judge became drained from making more and more decisions, the likelihood of a criminal getting a favorable ruling steadily dropped to zero.

I mention this first because, even with all else equal, this will likely be the deciding factor that sways your choice in one particular direction.

If the financial cost associated with your decision has the potential to ruin your entire business, don’t make that decision.

Learn to recognize these negative signs in every relationship you have right from the start.

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