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Because who wouldn't call Prince Harry their boyfriend if given the opportunity? ) couple alert started making headlines after the young royal was posed in a photograph that labeled him as a young woman's boyfriend. So, obviously, the 19-year-old took a snap with Harry.

Olivia Tallent, daughter of Garry Tallent who is in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, had the wonderful pleasure of making Harry's acquaintance when Harry showed up to enjoy the band's performance at Wembley Stadium last night as part of their The River tour.

I appreciate and enjoy music, but have no passionate or fanatical interest in it.

I don’t hang out in rock clubs wearing leather miniskirts or do anything else featured in I started dating Travis Morrison, a computer programmer who worked at my company in early 2010.

Since his job requires him to play at gigs at some bar or another, your dates are usually relegated in between his work—which usually starts at p.m. Weekends are hectic, too, so weekdays will be your best bets at spending quality time together.

If you stick around for the whole songwriting-recording-mixing cycle of an EP or album or if you join him on one or two shows, you’ll easily learn all of the words in all of the songs.

In her new book, It, Alexa Chung describes herself as a groupie with a penchant for lead singers.

“Yeah, it carried on way into my twenties,” Chung told the Cut last night at the Whitney Studio Party.

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We were the only people in our small office who regularly brought in food from home. Soon enough, you’ll realize that it’s okay to skip a show. When you’ve been at it for long, though, watching him play at the usual bar (his “office”) will, at some point, kind of feel like him watching you type on your computer as you tinker with an Excel worksheet. Even if you’re not the type, you’re sure to be so overcome with pride at some point in his career that you’ll patiently wait backstage, camera, water bottle, and extra t-shirt in hand to support him. Wherever they’re invited to play, there you’ll be, so you’re sure to hang out where you normally wouldn’t even think of going, say, a small campus in a new city, a new bar in your neighborhood, or a huge field out of town. Not only do you get to watch his band and others, you get to do so backstage, side stage, and, sometimes, even on the stage. Speaking of, you’ll definitely have your stage girlfriend moments. No suffocating in crowds or elbowing your way through a mosh pit. I don’t know any obscure bands and can’t talk knowledgeably about any artist’s “catalog.” I don’t particularly like going to see live music that much—it’s too loud, and I get too tired.Windsor has been linked to Khadra, an old friend of fellow IMG Model Gigi Hadid, since 2014.The two spent New Years together in Dubai, and Khadra, who recently debuted his new single "Love It," was seen snapping photos of the blonde stunner from the front rows of fashion week.In fact, he's constantly thrown in the ring when it comes to whether or not a certain beauty has become the center of his love life, and one in particular has been in mentions for years now—Pippa Middleton.Almost directly following the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William, their siblings were shipped by royal fans everywhere. While it had not contained a positive assertion of their truth, there was no suggestion that there was reason to doubt their veracity."Furthermore, the article had stated that 'Clarence House had declined to comment' but the newspaper had not argued—in response to the complaint—that such an approach had been made.The couple set a very high standard for romance, renewing their wedding vows every year on their anniversary.After 3 kids, and 7 years of marriage, the couple split in 2012.

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