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Every 13 seconds there is a home intrusion and nearly 66% of all burglaries are home break-ins.For safeguarding your families and property, you should always check your home security, and you’d better set up a full home surveillance system.When a model has a mobile feed available, the user watching the model will have a choice: The user can change this setting by clicking a button above the chat room to switch to "Slide Show" or "Live Feed".Note: On the i Phone, the live mobile feed takes up the whole screen automatically which does not allow access to the chat room at the same time.Therefore, you will find that the mobile chat room is real time while the video is approximately 30 seconds delayed.Home security is one of the essential home features that you should never take for granted.

We all love our i Pads, i Phones and Android devices.

Better than any other security app I’ve found so far. I’ve tried several of the free Foscam apps but their buggy, ugly interfaces really let the whole concept down.

OWLRs app has a fantastic interface which works smoothly on i OS, and is the only one which has push to talk supposed for my camera models (finally! Deleted all the other paid cam apps, this is the one I’ll use.

Few, if any, supported video streaming on mobile devices.

But that’s all changing now thanks to better HTML5 video streaming solutions.

Unfortunately, those same devices tend to be somewhat fussy when it comes to enjoying interactive adult content.

Most adult webcam sex sites require Flash to stream video, which both IOS and the latest versions of Android lack.

The feed will be a slow slideshow of images, refreshing once every 30 seconds or so, with no audio.

Unfortunately, due to current limitations within Apple i OS and Android, there is a 30 second delay/latency with the mobile live video streaming.

We’ve headed down to our labs (actually, my man cave) to test various top rated webcam sex services to see which caters the best to the growing number of mobile devices.

To access the mobile site, go to your phone or tablet.

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