Is genelia dating ritesh deshmukh Video chat sites in ireland


Their love story is one of a kind that would be cherished for lifetime. There were some hindrances initially but later everything was sorted and the couple tied the knot.

Today they are parents to two cute boys – Riaan and Rahyl.

When Ritesh and Genelia met over ten years ago, neither of them could foresee how their affection would blossom into love.The people most surprised by the romantic turn of events in their case was – themselves!This couple is unconventional, charming, funny and of course, very cute!Love is not always about making those grandiose gestures, writing impassioned odes or sonnets to your beloved or even falling for each other at first sight.Sometimes, true love may just be lurking right under your nose, and will make its way into your heart, slowly but steadily.In an interview with a leading daily, Riteish spilled the beans on his love life with Genelia and their dating history is just too adorable to handle.Fans of Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza knew that the duos were dating since quite a long time.Riteish: Itni taareef maine apne bare mein itne saalon mein nahin suni hai! Riteish: We started working as strangers, then began understanding each other. I would discuss architecture with her while she would discuss college and exams with me! At times, I get cranky but he's always cool and handles things with maturity. I goof up most of the time but we never yell at each other. To make up with a girl is an ever-evolving process! Shaadi ke din bache hai na — kar doonga main propose tab!The beauty of a relationship is when you get used to a person; it is not sudden. I also love the way he conducts life and his willingness to listen first and then speak. While there are certain things I may want to forget, she remembers everything. Genelia: What I don't like about him is that he the world's busiest man. He will call and tell me he has these meetings and can meet me in between. She was a teenager when we started dating, and I was in my 20s.When we did our first film, she would shoot in the morning in Hyderabad, fly back to Mumbai, appear for her college exams and come back to the set.I have seen her do all that and now I see her as a hands-on mother, it’s so amazing,” reports TOI.

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