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Jay Hernandez emerged onto the Hollywood scene opposite Kirsten Dunst in the 2001 film "Crazy/Beautiful." Since then Jay Hernandez has starred in a number of films, including Disney's sleeper hit, "The Rookie," opposite Dennis Quaid, "Torque" with Ice Cube, "Ladder 49" with Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta, and the inspiring action drama "Friday Night Lights," alongside Billy Bob Thornton.

Hernandez was seen in the disturbing psychological thriller "Hostel." Premiering at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2006 to rave reviews, the film opened No.

In 2006, Hernandez was also in the short-lived ABC series, "Six Degrees." Unlike many of his contemporaries, Hernandez didn't grow up with the dream of moving to Hollywood to become an actor.

Tunechi made the feud public in December of 2014 when he claimed on Twitter that he wanted off the label and the beef has played out publicly ever since.

Hernandez appeared in the action/crime film Takers, which was released in August 2010.

Hernandez appeared in the 2005 crime prequel Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, playing Carlito Brigante, the role originated by Al Pacino in the original 1993 film Carlito's Way.

Two Bristol police cruisers patrolled the funeral home grounds on Saturday and law enforcement dropped off plastic barriers at each entrance.

The 27-year-old hung himself with a bed sheet at the maximum-security Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

That’s just what it is.” Wayne says that this continued partnership does not signify that he has officially left Cash Money. “That’s a situation.” This isn’t the first time Wayne-Roc Nation rumors have flown.

The Young Money leader signed with Jay Z’s TIDAL back in 2015, although his statement that he “just signed a deal with my muthafuckin’ idol Jay Z” had many drawing the conclusion that he signed a record deal with Roc Nation.

Amid the many swirling rumors, Weezy has aligned himself with Jay Z.

At a recent concert, Wayne told the crowd “It’s the Roc,” with many assuming he was announcing a deal with Hov’s Roc Nation.

Hernandez also appeared in the Oliver Stone 9/11 project, "World Trade Center." The story follows three New York City Port Authority officers (played by Nicolas Cage, Michael Pena and Hernandez) who volunteered to enter the World Trade Center after the planes were flown into the towers. Age: 39 years old Birthday: February 20, 1978Height: 5' 8 ½"Full Name / Real Name: Javier Manuel Hernandez Jr.

Hernandez was also in the historical epic "Nomad," an independent feature set in 18th-century Kazakhstan, which debuted in Cannes and was distributed by the Weinstein Company.

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