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In the wake of Chrissie losing her part in the business, Lachlan makes a shock confession that could could change everything.

Then Jeff moved from his home in Oldham to Manchester and his symptoms worsened abruptly.

And because Chrissie's getting on his nerves and interfering, he ends up pushing her against a wall and threatening to get Lachlan if she doesn't give him her share of the business." Yes, you heard that right - Cain is using Lachlan as a pawn in his attack on Chrissie.

However Jeff needed surgery immediately to remove the diseased part of his bowel.Amazing, all three of these actors still work together, and that must take some serious professionalism!Chris Chittell & Lesley Dunlop These two Emmerdale legends may have discovered their love slightly later in life, but they didn’t have to look far to find it.We’ve seen a lot of saucy on-screen relationships on the Dales over the years so it’s no wonder that some of these developed into off-screen romances.With the actors working so closely with each other and spending long days learning lines and running scenes over and over again, it’s only natural that they’d fall in love with each other.A simple blood test can flag up indicators of Crohn’ s such as anaemia, or inflammatory markers.A family history of irritable bowel disease is also significant, as there is a known hereditary element.’ As soon as Jeff was diagnosed, his father - also called Jeff - made a point of explaining that his mother’s death was actually caused by complications following an operation for her Crohn’s rather than the disease itself.This pair hit it off when they met on the soap but things just weren’t meant to last between the pair, with one of their fellow cast members getting in the way.Isabel angered her other half greatly when she had an affair with their co-star Danny Miller who plays Aaron Dingle on the soap, causing them to split up.When Cain later asked why Harriet had gone along with his illegal activities, she replied that she wanted to keep him out of jail - if only for Sarah's sake. It might just be a little one off kiss…Anyway who really has a future with Cain? "He’s not exactly predictable." When asked whether she'd like to see more screen time for the pairing, Katherine Dow Blyton commented: "I can only keep my fingers crossed." As for whether Harriet herself could envisage making a go of it with Cain, the actress said: "She’s definitely going to keep her wits about her.As Cain then suggested that Harriet enjoyed "being one of the baddies for once", the pair suddenly got passionate. She doesn’t want to think she’s being used, but there’s a massive attraction there. " You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's episodes of Emmerdale below.

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