Kate gosselin bodyguard dating english speaking speed dating berlin

That is until an unidentified paparazzi was able to take snaps of the couple getting intimate in Mexico.Nonetheless, according to an insider, TLC made sure that they got to the evidence even before the media did.

earlier this month, Kate took to her Twitter account to set the record straight about her personal life after it was reported that she was seen sporting an engagement ring.

on Monday, fans can't help but wonder what exactly is going on in Gosselin's love life even though she's maintained that she hasn't dated anyone ever since she divorced her ex-husband Jon Gosselin back in 2010.

But just last week eyewitnesses claimed that Kate was seen having breakfast with Neild and at the Double Tree Hilton in Lancaster, Penn.

Has all of Hollywood gone boy crazy for their bodyguards?

Cue Whitney Houston music: half of Hollywood appears to be shacking up with their bodyguards. Having a big, burly hunk of love by your side providing 24/7 protection could certainly be addictive.

Though the puppy-toting handler is happily married to his college sweetheart, there’s no question Lenz and Lawrence would make once fierce couple.

And while we can only dream about a steamy tryst between the two, other celebs have made their “Bodyguard” fantasies a reality.

She has never confirmed the existence of such affair and even expressed that she would love to get back into the dating scene. I would love for the kids to have that male role model,” she said. tabloid exposed how the reality show mom suspiciously handles her children’s money.

Jon Gosselin wasn't the first to admit he's made some mistakes—but he has finally boarded the bandwagon.

She might claim to be single, but there are new reports suggesting that Kate Gosselin might be dating two men at the same time.

The reality television star has been seen canoodling with her rumored boyfriend Jeff Prescott in Philadelphia while also going on vacation to Mexico with her bodyguard/boyfriend Steve Neild.

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